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Puppy peed in its crate for the first time
  • JamesWJamesW
    Posts: 2
    Complety my fault because i overslept. Im worried that this is the start to something worse

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  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1269
    I wouldn't worry too much. Puppies have accidents. Once when Ozzy was about 6 months old, he'd had a bunch of water right before bed. We were tired from hiking and didn't realize it, but I woke up to him peeing in his sleep! :( poor puppy! He looked so confused and had to give him a midnight bath. :O sometimes we humans make mistakes and sometimes puppies have accidents. Just because Shibas are usually clean doesn't mean puppies are accident proof. :)
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  • JamesWJamesW
    Posts: 2
    Alright thats a relief.
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