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Pet Insurance
  • doguedogue
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    Is your shiba insured? If so, which pet insurance do you recommend?

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  • My vet recommend Embrace Pet Insurance and that is the one I purchased.
  • ZenkiZenki
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    Yes, Nationwide is on my side. It's offered as an addon to my employee benefits at work.
    I have not tried to make a claim yet. so I cannot speak to how easy it is to work with them.
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    You can search the forum for existing discussions regarding pet insurance (there are a lot) by typing "insurance" in the google search bar.

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  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    ^ You'll find a lot of advice in those threads. We didn't opt for it, we purchased an annual plan through our Vet instead that gives us way WAY better options and coverage for our needs.
  • knnwangknnwang
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    I like @spacedogs setup.

    I setup another checkings account that gets a $50 tarnsfer every month. I never used it, even for R annual vet shots. What should we look for are the core procedure coverages or maximum amount should we look for in said insurance?

    Hijacking thread. I want to switch the checking to savings but I remember something about only getting 3 transfers, then fees... Leave Ratchets account alone and let it go. Stop at 9k 12x15x50? Stop now, 4k is enough for a rainy R day funds and add insurance? Close the account and go invest in a 12 month cd with all the money, It's always been yes at vets so....
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