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Bathing woes
  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    Did anyone else have any issues with their Shiba becoming snappy during baths or wiping their paws? Mine is about 5 months old and we always rinse her paws in the sink after she comes in from being outside. Most times she whines and does her premature shiba scream lol no treats or toys can distract her from what is happening. Today, she dug the ground outside so I had to wash her paws and wipe her face a bit more and she went nuts! She started snapping and growling. Is this normal behavior? Is there any way to help her feel more at ease?

    Also, is it typical for shibas to be a little snarky when they are unhappy about something? My little girl whines and mouths my hand if she doesn't like me handling her at times. She has her good and bad days though. I wonder if it's just her or if it's just a part of the shiba personality because I know shibas are kind of sassy lol

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  • pplzyxpplzyx
    Posts: 102
    I've only ever given Yasha two baths so far and everytime I made sure that my husband was handing him bits of cheese :P So it hasn't been too bad for us. I do feel like sometimes Yasha would give me a nibble when he's unhappy with me for whatever reason lol. He whines to me a lot in the morning when I let him out of his expen. I feel like he's complaining about being left alone all night so I think its absolutely adorable! :x
  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    Yes that's normal... or at least my shiba was like that too when I washed her paws as a puppy. Do you use clicker training and/or have a marker word (e.g., "yes," "good girl")? If so, click or use the marker word when you are washing her paws so she knows that's the behavior you want to reinforce. It's easier to do that than to try and distract with treats every time.

    Also, do you do handling exercises regularly? Pylea is super sassy and will whine and mouth my hand if she doesn't feel like being touched in a particular spot at a particular time, so I touch her, say her marker word, give her a treat, etc. I do this every day to make sure I can touch her everywhere in case I ever have to check for injuries, etc. Though she still screams and runs away if I try to help her remove a dingleberry... :-)
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  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    We do something similar to @pylea every day with ours, too. We get them to lay down and go through the motions of letting us touch all their toes/nails/ears/eyes/limbs/teeth/etc., and reward them appropriately. It's been handy, Laika hates having her paws touched but will let me hold her paw and clip her nails without pulling away or getting mouthy because she knows if she suffers through it she'll be rewarded.
  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    She had her second at home bath today and it actually went by really smooth! At first she did try to resist but when we kept saying good girl she didn't flail a lot or try to jump out all crazily like the first time she had her bath at home. She was a little whiny but she was a good girl :) thank you everyone for the input!
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