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  • I've had my time walking her, but she still pulls. I'm recovering from having the titanium rods and screws removed from back so pulling is a huge no-no. She knows this. She stops when I stop , turns around and waits for me to go again. I have used the front pulling harnesses. She pulled so bad, she started to choke herself. We have her on the Julius k9 mini, but the pulling on any advice to help ( I've gone through gentle leaders too and about 3 others) I would be so grateful. She just went through her first heat and got spayed at the same time, so that poor girl needs out for long walks, not the short ones that my loving family are trying to help me with, but she needs more.

    Here's some miserable pictures of her in a Totoro outfit that matches our 3 year nephew.

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  • Please any suggestions would help. The gentle leader was such a fail, it broke my heart
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    Ugh, my mind is drawing a blank at the name of this thing, but there's a harness that's similar to the Freedom Harness and Easy Walk except it has more straps that fasten at the front. Just putting this in here in case someone else knows what I'm talking about and remembers the name LOL. If I figure it out I'll come back and update.

    The more I think about it maybe I'm just thinking of the Easy Walk Harness. There was a woman in one of the dog training courses we attended that used it but she modified it across the shoulder O rings with a tandem clip (like one of these) and then clipped her leash to the tandem at the front instead of the clip on the harness. I'm not sure if this description is making sense, but if you have questions I can always do up some stick figure diagrams.
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    There's also other brands like sense-ible and the halti harness. I have a wonder walker that Ozzy actually really likes. But I don't really like front clip harnesses, I think it alters the way the dog walks and creates an unnatural gait. I was pretty strict with training Ozzy not to pull. But I understand that you need to make sure she isn't pulling for your own medical reasons. You could possibly try a head collar. I don't know much about those, or what the forum thinks of them. I assume they would need a lot of training to get comfortable with.
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    @Kachiko - There are several threads on no-pull harnesses already. Please remember to search before asking questions. Most likely, someone else has already asked it and it has been answered.

    Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in an existing thread. :) pull harness
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