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Shiba bonding time
  • MoshMosh
    Posts: 29
    I left these 2 alone for a week while I was away for vacation over Christmas. I was super worried about it the whole time. I got this photo the day I was flying back. I was told they bonded :P


    Is anyone else's Shiba super super attached to them? I am working to get Asuka to listen to my SO as well as myself.

    (hoping this is allowed :) )

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  • Ours are attached to both my husband and I, they don't seem to play favorites and will eagerly go to either for pets or cuddles or to sleep on our feet. They also listen (as well as a Shiba can) to both of us rather equally. However, we were and continuously are, both equally involved in all of their training and activities.
  • MoshMosh
    Posts: 29
    @spacedogs yeah I have been the one training her so I think a week with Dad was a good thing

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