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Hunting with Shiba
  • Years and years ago before I got my Shiba there was almost no one producing hunting Shiba's here in the West. Moko has passed and now I have İnatçı, the Maremma/Akbash. I've seen an upswing in interest towards hunting with the Nihons, helped by lots of imports of actual hunting dogs.

    I know the Jomon's are basically only bred to hunt. I don't know of many Japanese Shiba owners/breeders hunting either. What about here in the West? İs there anyone breeding or has a Shiba that is good at hunting from a specific breeder?

    I loved Moko and she was an excellent hunter. I really do like the Nihon way of hunting. I'm not interested in big game, mostly small so I'm looking into Shiba's. Also considering breeding a decent hunting line. I like Moko's breeder a lot (leggy, built, high prey drive, short and rough coats, less weird foxy look, decent biddability.... For a Shiba) but am also interested in any other breeders who are doing some nice hunters. I'd rather have a head start then begin my journey at the bottom...