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Refusing to go to the Bathroom
  • Mura is the weirdest dog I've ever owned when it comes to going to the bathroom. She'll pee just fine in our own yard, but when it's time for #2, sometimes she just won't do it. For a while she would get a spot she liked and only go there for a few days before getting fed up with it and start a new spot. That was fine, because it was always a spot on our block or just the next block over. Now she refuses to go at all sometimes. We'll be on walks, and she'll get ready to go, then just stop, push everything back in, and run like nothing happened. Sometimes it's only once a walk, other times she'll pretend to poop a couple times without actually doing anything.

    I don't think it's constipation, because it's literally popping out of her before she decides to stop and move on, but I don't know how to get to her to go. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    You could try a tablespoon of fresh canned pumpkin just to make sure it's not a constipation problem. Pumpkin is really good for both constipation and loose poops haha. Shibas are notoriously picky about their pooping places. Ozzy won't poop anywhere too close to home. But if its lasted for several days, a visit with the vet might give you better answers than we can. Ozzy also likes to poop in peace lol. Sometimes we have to make sure the surroundings are kind of quiet and he doesn't want to be stared at or in plain sight.
  • Our boy poops indiscriminately but only on the perimeter of HIS yard. Our girl walks what we call "The Poop Trail" anywhere from 3 to 12 times depending on how badly she has to go to find exactly the perfect spot on the loop to do the poop. Picky isn't unheard of with this breed, but the whole 'pretending to poop' sounds like a bit of constipation. Like Lilikoi suggested, canned pumpkin will do the trick if it needs a helping hand.

  • I think I'll try some pumpkin. I really don't want to believe it's constipation, because she's still been going at least once a day, and they've looked normal when she does go, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Other than that, do you think rewarding her for pooping (with a small treat, maybe) might entice her to go more? I'm perfectly fine going on a walk to get her to go...I've even adjusted my morning routine so she doesn't feel rushed. It just seems like she doesn't believe the spot she picked is acceptable, and I want her to learn it's OK to poop wherever she wants, as long as it's outside.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 948
    Yeah, I'd definitely give a treat after pooping to help encourage her. Ozzy usually just poops once a day, but he eats half raw, so he doesn't seem to poop as much as dogs just on kibble. Pumpkin is definitely great to try.

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