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New Pup -- Sleeps too much! No Appetite/Uninterested :(
  • Hi,

    We just picked up our pup this past Thursday. We are a little alarmed with her personality and habits. She was part of a litter of 6, also being the only black and tan out of the group and on the smaller size compared to the rest. When we met her, she was very shy and timid while her litter mates were very hyper and barking (she did not bark once).

    Sleeping: Its been about 4 days since we've had her and she has probably slept 75% of the time and always looks tired. Is this normal? When we carry her around to places to help socialize her butshe seems to always be dozing off and uninterested at the outside world. Ie: We went to an outdoor shopping mall yesterday that is dog friendly. Dozens of dogs walking around (we carried her the whole time) but she did not care for them and just seemed sleepy! no reaction or acknowledgment

    FOOD: She is currently on DIAMOND purple (requested by the breeder). I also bought a bag of Taste of the wild puppy food but will not start feeding it until we are at least half way done with the diamond food. She also eats very little/no appetite. We have tried turkey baby food and it helped a lot but she still only ate a very small amount. I just read some other posts and tried warm water with her food. She ate about 1/4 cup of it! (which is probably the most she's ever eaten at once).

    Personality: She is very uninterested in everything. :( She doesn't really respond to anything, but at the same time she has spurts of playfulness for a few minutes and goes back to being uninterested.

    Crate/House Training: She is awesome with this! There was very little training needed. She holds her bladder until we are outside. She has not made any mistakes in her cage. Once by the front door(but that was our fault in waiting too long). It seems as if she was potty trained before she came home with us.

    She is 8 weeks old, turning 9 weeks this Thursday. We are going to the vet tomorrow for her first check up.
    All advice is greatly appreciated! I just want her to come out of her shell!
  • Quick update:

    After she just finished the water+kibble she's been the most playful she's ever been since she's been home! we've been playing with her for the past 30 minutes.
    Water+kibble = solution? :D
    hopefully food is all that she was lacking and nothing serious!
  • Young pups like that can get low blood sugar/hypoglycemic if they don't eat. Getting her to actually eat ought to fix that, but help her along with sugar in that warm water you used (or a teaspoon of syrup [that isn't sugar-free or including xylitol!] as my vet said--confirm it with yours).

    Ichabod was about tired of the food he was on when we got him, and his appetite picked up when we switched (we switch flavors every week too of the same brand). He was almost 4 mo though.
  • First thing would be to get her checkup like you are doing and see if anything is wrong with her. Then you can go from there.

    Food: Diamond is a pretty terrible brand for various reasons. ToTW is better. Check out if you havent already. To get interestWater + Kibble, toppers like a tiny bit of fish, cheese, etc. Warming the kibble, etc.

    Sleeping: Puppies sleep a ton. Those were the only times I got pictures of my pup since she stopped moving.

    Socialization: Continue to socialize her and make sure each encounter is positive. We had to have treats specifically for outside that were more high value since there were way more distractions.

    Good luck!

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