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Excessive Shedding
  • NicoNico
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    It's almost been one year since Nico has joined our family and he's our first pet. I've read multiple threads and it seems like most shiba shed on average twice a year, shedding period varies. I remember Nico first shed around May/June 2016 for his summer coat to grow out. Around September 2016, he starts shedding again. I thought wow that is fast but maybe it's time for his winter coat. He stops shedding about 6 weeks and we are happy to finally deep clean the house of his leftover hair. Two weeks later, he starts shedding again... Goes on for another approximately 6 weeks. We are happy again... and no surprise, he starts shedding AGAIN for the third time in this 3 month period. Is this common or is there something off about Nico?

    I should mention that the weather in San Francisco is quite bipolar, especially these past few months. Our house was really hot 2 months ago where we needed to blow the fan in the house during the day (mid 80s during the day). Just this past month, it's gotten extremely cold where we had to leave the heater on for him (about mid 40s at night). The temperature is usually on average 60 around the year.

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    @Nico - Please remember to search the forum for answers to your questions before starting a new thread. There are tons of threads on shedding, which also discuss shedding patterns. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of those threads.

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