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GPS tracker?
  • I was at Best Buy yesterday and I found these GPS trackers that go on any key ring and allows you to track stuff from your phone and I thought it would be a good idea to put them on my shibas' harnesses incase anything ever happened to them. We have a fenced in yard they cannot get out of and there's a baby gate by the front door that's always locked so they can't get out when people come in and out of the house, I just worry that if they somehow did ever get out we would never be able to find them. I looked up the reviews for the products I saw at best buy and they weren't great, so i figured I would ask here if anybody had any recommendations. I want something I can put on their harnesses or martingales, not one of the ones that is a whole collar in itself, one of my boys won't wear a collar he just freezes and puts his ears down. I'm working on their recall skills with a long lead in the yard but I know if they got out they would probably be too distracted by all the smells and wouldn't listen to me.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    I've looked into this a lotttt lol. The problem with most of the cheap stuff is that it's just Bluetooth tracking. So you can really only track something that's already in the same room as you anyways.

    Then there are ones that use cell phone towers to pinpoint the last location. These at least have a much higher range, but it seems like they take a few minutes to retrieve the data, so by the time you see it, if your dog is on the move, it might not be accurate. Plus it's useless where there isn't cell phone reception, like on camping trips. Some of these cost a monthly price for you to track the SIM card in the collar. These kind can usually be attached to collars or harnesses that you already have. Some to look at are like the Paw tracker, Gibi, pod, tractive, whistle... Some of them have features or a focus on the health of your dog, so they monitor their activity level and stuff. This isn't really something that I care about...I just want a reliable way to locate my pup if he ever gets out of sight...

    Then there's the really pricy radio trackers like Garmin collars with antennas and a handheld device that comes with it to reliably track your dog. These are the kinds used for hunting dogs to be able to find their location even when you're out in the middle of nowhere. They're so pricy ha. I've considered getting one anyway cus I mostly want to be able to use a tracking device for keeping track of my dog on camping trips and stuff. I don't let him off leash, but just in case something were to happen... I want to be prepared to face the worst and resolve it safely and effectively.

    I liked the look of some of the collars that are now on preorder, like wüf and nuzzle. They look good on paper, but also probably wouldn't be useful on camping trips, since they use gps / cell towers. They have a lot of cool features, but I'm not the kind of person to buy something before I know for sure that it's reliable and effective, so I'll be keeping an eye on them once more reviews are out. They're also built into their own collars though.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Just so ya know, Tagg is now Whistle and has received a lot of criticism after the change. Still worth looking into, but seems like it isn't as good as it once was.
  • I was looking into the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar. It's only available for pre-order though, so I'm going to wait and see what kind of reviews it gets. Seems a more reasonable price than a lot of them.
  • @lilikoi- thank you so much, I will definitely have my research cut out for me this weekend! I appreciate all the info! We don't go camping so we might have a few more options for our pups! I just want something I can track just incase they get out of the house.

    @sunyata- thank you so much! I tried using google to search the forum for a thread that was already made but I just got a bunch of ads for different gps trackers.

    @brennabaggins- one of my dogs won't wear a collar, he just freezes every time I put one on him so I don't think he would keep a collar on, which kind of sucks cos that collar looks really cool and if it works as well as they advertise I think it would be worth getting. I am going to do some research this weekend with all my new information!
  • FluffsFluffs
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    I've been looking into the LINK AKC collar as well and a sales rep assured me that it can fit on almost any collar/harness/whatever because it slips on :)
    I'm not certain if there's a clip on the back or if you would need a collar with a buckle in order to open the collar to slide it on, but there certainly are options.

    @jtocchio0531 It looks from the pictures like it can slide on, but also has an opening in the metal so you can work a clip style collar through, or a harness too, I'd assume if it's not too thick!

    @Fluffs Yeah it looks like it would work for a number of different things, which is great! I think it's also cool that it has a light for seeing your dog at night.

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