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Moving with my Shiba
  • We have had our shiba for over 4 months now, Fitty is 6.5 months old now. My boyfriend and I considered waiting until we had our own place to get a shiba but when we found a great breeder right down the road with 5 week old puppies we couldn't resist! We both live at our parents houses but we are always together at one of them and we always sleep at his house. We have an exercise pen set up at my house and a cage at his, and he spends time at each house every day, about half and half but always sleeps in bed with us at his house. It took Fitty a little while to adjust to going back and forth but now he loves it. He plays with the 3 dogs at my house and enjoys a big open yard at both.
    Now we have decided to move out in the next couple months. We are of course taking into consideration finding a place suitable for a dog. The place will need to accept dogs, have a decent grassy area, first floor and a 2nd bedroom that could be his area to have when he is left alone at home where he cannot get into things (because he still does that from time to time). I am just worried a lot of the training progress may be lost if we move and change his schedule. When we take him to our friends apartment he barks if he hears the neighbors (he doesn't usually bark at home, and you can never hear neighbors where we live as well) and he sometimes thinks it is okay to go potty in a place if it isn't one of his houses. Any suggestions on how to make his transition smooth for all of us? Thanks!
  • Hi @Amberroach9 - There have been a lot of threads discussing tips on moving with a shiba that you can read through:

    To search the forum, just type in "moving" into your browser bar.
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