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Puppy Socialization/Safety in City life (Richmond, VA)
  • Hi, I don't have a shiba yet but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I get one!

    I read on a few posts here on how 7-12 weeks is a very critical age for them to learn and grow mentally. I know socialization is very important but I have also read you shouldn't let your pup roam around where other dogs roam, especially in cities. I live in downtown and would definitely say it is NOT the cleanest city. Do you have any tips on how to socialize a pup without letting them walk around the city? How do I go about potty training without letting them walk around the side walks around my apartment? I've also read you shouldn't bring your new pup around other dogs until they've had most of their shots. At what age is it appropriate to start bringing them to dog parks? Also how much exercise does a shiba need typically in a day?

    thanks for all your input!
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    As one member has suggested, you can read up ian dunbar's puppy book. I bought the book but I think some pdf's are available in the interwebs.

    If I understood the book properly, socializing the puppy to other dogs can wait until it has all the necessary rounds of vaccinations. so from weeks 8-12, focus on socializing to people. If you're a girl or very comfortable with your masculinity, put the puppy in a purse and carry the puppy around to meet people. Invite people over your house or visit other people's homes but always carrying the puppy to and fro.

    as for potty training, I bought a roll of sod ($5) which I placed in my patio. Some might say, I'm adding an unnecessary step in potty training. I say, better that than a sick puppy.
    disclaimer: I'm only getting my shiba on Saturday, but this is how I've planned to potty train my puppy. Sod is already in place. hehehe

    if you want to train your puppy outside, it might be better to carry the pup from your apt to the outdoor patch you want your pup to potty.
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  • Hi @sarastarrs2 - have you checked out the search function? A lot of your questions have already been answered in specific threads -

    For example "socialization" will bring up all of the threads discussing socialization. Replace the word "socialization" with other topics you are interested in for different results.

    Another way of finding the information is to look at people's life threads. For example, since I live in downtown seattle, I discussed how i dealt with socializing, potty training, etc.
  • @zenki thanks for your tips! I'll definitely look up his books and congrats on your new shiba! I might look into getting some sod too, I looked up the prices of the "premade" sod training pads but they're a bit pricey ($29/week!) When you set yours up, did you put anything under neath it? Are you using fresh or artificial sod?

    @imBLASIAN ah I didn't know you had to take the extra steps to search things! thanks i'll try looking a bit deeper, just didn't see anything about that met all my details, new puppies in the city, socialization with people/other dogs, age specific, etc
  • @imBLASIAN i just read binged read Dairy of Ponyo. it was an awesome read & I feel like i learned a lot :)
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    @sarastarrs2 - Since there are several threads on these topics (socialization and urban potty training), I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the existing threads. :)
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