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weird pattern stool
  • Hello, I have some questions about Mamoru's (He's a year and a half) stool. I tried searching about it in here and I havent seen anybody with the same problem as mine.

    Mamoru seems to have a hard and soft pattern stool. Right now, it's not as runny or a diarrhea type stool (was before) , it's just 'soft' sometimes. He seems to be normal, running, energetic, eating fine and drink fine.
    However his stool sometimes are softer than others. For example, the first section of his poop is hard but the last section of his poop is softer. Somedays its all hard and sometimes its all soft. I was wondering if his NORMAL.... Like does dog sometimes just have softer stools in somedays and harder in other?? In some occasions, not common anymore, but he will have runny stool but will poop just fine the next day.

    I did bring him to the vet, did an ultrasound, did an x-ray, took parasites meds (still taking it every 3months), checked for dis-functioning of the intestinal enzymes, hormone levels, and everything came out normal and nothing seems to give me the answers.

    Our doctor first thought he has a disease called "Addison Disease" , gave Mamoru a small doze of steroids for about 2 weeks, still had soft-running stool. But then I read that Shiba Inu tends to be mis-diagnose with this disease due to the higher potassium level and I order our vet to take the ACTH test just to be sure and it came out negative.

    I don't know if its the food, the kibble or what. When he was around 11 months it was so bad that there was even blood in it (Not anymore. Took him to the vet and there was no problem with the intestine. Doctors say maybe because of the chronic diarrhea during the time) and he had late night vet visits because he had really bad stomach ache.
    At first we first gave him Taste of the Wild in the puppy salmon formula then switched it to Orijen adult when he turned 1. In both kibbles, he tends to have the same pooping problems. He's been having this problem since he was around 5 months or so. So now, our vet recommend giving "non-processed" food like rice and meat (chicken, beef, fish, etc)/vegetables and I've also read that rice will help with making the stool harder so I agreed. Now he doesnt really have anymore running diarrhea type stool and no more late night vet visits but the stool is still soft at times. However it is lot better than when he was eating kibble. But now with him eating rice, I'm worrying about his allergies to grain. We never really checked if he's allergic to it but I see most Shiba Inus are.

    I did talk to his breeder and his breeder said that Shiba Inus are sensitive breeds, either to food, stress and etc. Even after a short car ride, his stool are softer or watery. So I dont know if it's his sensitivity to food, treats, stress or what. But even on days that he didn't eat any treats, he has the same problem

    I tried finding answers about stool problems for a year and even now, I still cant find the answer on what is causing the soft stool.

    Is it just me over thinking it or is it somewhat normal for dogs to sometimes have soft stool ( like every 2 days) but my other 2 dogs seems to be pooping just fine and no soft stool like Mamoru.

    So if anyone has any idea please please please help me. Im running out of answers. Even if the occasional soft stool is not really affecting his personalities or his weight, Im worried that it will affect his intestine in the future.

    Thank you in advance. :)
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  • It could still be a food sensitivity, even with the elimination diet you're using. Are you using the same ingredients all the time?

    Edit: We had issues with that diet with one of ours (unsurprisingly due to food allergies), and we used this guide by Mercola to help us discuss it with our Vet. About 2/3rds of the way down it talks about small bowel diarrhea, which I think is what you're describing here.
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  • rubyruby
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    Yes. We have had this with 2 out of 3 of the shibas we have had. It has been a long process. You can pmessage me if you have questions about what we did or what happened. Shibas are very sensitive.
  • @spacedgos Thankyou! Yes Mamoru's stool looks exactly like that! Today we found a lot of small red bumps on his chest and I'm assuming it might be from the grain so I stopped giving him rice. I'll try to discuss the topic with my vet again showing her the website and the diagnose possibilities! Thanks again
  • @ruby Oh yes please. I would really want to know all about it! I'm kind of new so I dont really know how to pmessage on here (T_T)
  • rubyruby
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    It won't let me. Here is my e-mail. Once I get your e-mail I'll just delete this
  • @pomandmamoru I'd recommend trying different proteins before giving up on the rice. As the rice makes up the bulk of the food & they aren't having constant diarrhea I wouldn't think it was the primary suspect. If you're using bird meat, try swapping to beef, pork, or fish and leave out all vegetables for a week, then reintroduce them one at a time a few days apart.
  • rubyruby
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    sorry...I disagree... and if it is a sensitive dog will make for intestinal upset. read this in regards to elimination trials
  • rubyruby
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  • I did stop feeding him chicken with his grain-free kibble for a month before this and he still has the same problems :( Oh and he did try lamb meat for a week and ended up having diarrhea for the whole week so I stopped giving him lamb immediately. Probably because lamb are harder to digest.

    I dont know how bad he is allergic to grain but at the moment (after feeding him grain for a month straight) it's giving him really bad skin infections. (I feed him chicken since he was little and never have this problem) There are so many red rashes and bumps on his chest and I just found more on his belly! (T_T) I might substitute the rice with small portions of potatoes!
    Today I actually got him a pro-nature organic kibble. I want to try feeding him kibble once more since the 'non-process food' method is not really working and if it doenst work, I'll probably have to try something else or try going for BARF.

    Also Im thinking I might do the allergies test on him later on (seriously broke right now after all the laboratory tests) just to be sure and to give me guidelines on what I should feed him next!
    Since he's been having this problem for a while and I feel really bad for his intestine. If i keep eliminating food one by one it's going take a long time before I find out what he is actually allergic to. So might as well just do the test to get a quicker and reliable results!
  • ruby said:

    sorry...I disagree... and if it is a sensitive dog will make for intestinal upset. read this in regards to elimination trials

    Of course NutriScan disagrees. Who makes a product and then advocates for people to not buy it? They wouldn't make any money that way. The only reliable means of diagnosing a food intolerance is through diet (a challenged study).
  • @pomandmamoru If you really want to do allergy testing look up some Veterinary Dermatologists in your area, take your pet there for proper allergy and sensitivity testing. It's probably cheaper than the linked saliva test and will give you more immediate and reliable results (saliva is very nonspecific which is why it's not used/approved as a diagnostic tool for allergies and sensitivities).
  • Is he on probiotics and have you tried canned pumpkin? Also my shiba's stool is a little runnier than normal if she had a bunch of treats or certain chews the day before.
  • SayaSaya
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    I use this product, but there are different ones out there too. It's a probiotic and digestive enzyme. Works pretty good in my opinion.

    Used it after my parent's boxer got giardia somehow. The meds and bland diet helped, but I think the supplement helped get her poop back to normal too.
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