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Refusing to share
  • Our four year old Shiba (Benny) is showing some new aggression towards other dogs.

    We recently visited a friend who has a German Shepard puppy and brought Benny along. The whole weekend it seemed like they didn't get along. Benny would growl and show his teeth at the other dog when she would get close to him, and the only time they seemed to actually get along was when they were outside playing in the yard. Benny seemed to get particularly aggressive when he thought that the other dog was getting something that he wasn't. He even decided that some of her toys were now his and would get very aggressive when she would go near them (even just sniffing them).

    He seems to do better if there are no toys in the area, but my wife and I still feel on edge the whole time wondering if he is going to flip out. He bit another dog once when the other dog was going for his food and I'm worried that he will bite again if this behavior is not corrected. We don't have another dog to train with and he only interacts with other dogs when he's at Camp Bow Bow, or when we visit friends.

    The same German Shepard will be visiting us in a few weeks, and I'd like this time to go smother. I think that the main issue is that he refuses to share his food, toys, territory, or owners affection.

    I'm happy to provide further information or context that would be helpful.
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    @FishPencil - This sounds like a combination of resource guarding and not being socialized enough with other dogs. There are loads of threads on both topics, so I would suggest that you start reading some threads in the "Resource Guarding" and "Socialization, Fear, & Anxiety" categories.

    Since this dog is coming into his home, I would keep them separated unless you are able to 100% supervise them. No toys together, no feeding together, etc.

    Since this topic has been addressed elsewhere, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to continue the conversation in one of the other threads if you have further questions after reading. :)
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