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Shiba inu acting insane after neautering
  • So i just got my 5 month old male neutered yesterday, and he has been acting crazy every since. He is crazy hyper, he is barking, acting out, being very difficult, refusing to go to sleep. If he starts barking, i take him out to see if he has to use the restroom, see if he's thirsty, if he's hungry, if he's in pain, but its non of those things. I notice this happens after i give his pain meds, but the pain meds aren't steroidal. So i'm not sure wither he's just being hyper because his pain is gone, or because of something else. My dilemma is that if i give him pain meds and he's pain free he'll run around which is bad for his stitches, but if i don't give him his pain meds, he will be in pain but he won't run around. Im leaning towards the less pain meds side because its better for him to heal, than for him to be busting a stitch, and getting an infection. What do you think?
  • I would talk to the vet first before changing anything medicine-wise.

    Ham, my pup, was pretty restless after he was neutered. But I simply prevented him from running around until the allotted time passed. If your pup wants to run around, send him to lie down. Teather him close to you while you are at home or let him rest in his sleeping spot.

    Ham had been crate trained so that made things easier for us. But we had also worked on commands like "relax" or "go to your mat." To make things easier, possibly invest in some tasty or fun chew toys and treats. Always reward him when he's being calm.