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Any guesses what colour this cute shiba will be?
  • I've been on a waiting list for getting a shiba inu of various licensed breeders, and there is a chance that I'll get this gorgeous baby shiba. She looks different than the red/black and tan pups, and I wondered if this one is actually a creamy shiba. Her mom is a true red shiba and her dad is a black and tan shiba. She is creamy coloured with brown on her back. Love to hear your guesses :).


    Ps. on this picture she is just one day old, isn't she cute?
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    @Friendlyfox - There is already a Shiba colour thread. Feel free to repose this there. Since this is a duplicate topic, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Please remember to search for similar threads before starting a new one. Thanks!
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