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Localized demodic mange or demodex in puppies
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    My shiba inu, Yume, is almost 11 month and he started to loose fur around his left eye a month ago. We went to the vet twice to finally find demodex with the scrapping test, he was diagnosed with demonic mange. For now it's localized and I've read that in many cases it will not spread and become generalized. The vet said I shouldn't give Yume a treatment to start with as his immune system will strengthen with time. I know his immune system had to be low to let demuxed develop.
    My question is regarding the healing process animaged what this condition implies for his adult life and hereditary condition.
    How long will it generally take for a dog to get back fur around his eye and beat the demodex when it's localized?
    Why did my dog reacted this way? Does it mean that he has a hereditary condition? Will it come back during his adult life, is this a chronic condition?
    I don't completely understand what localized demodic mange implies maybe some of you already had the experience and would like to explain what you know about it.
    May thanks for sharing!
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    @YumeShiba - Please remember to search the forum for answers to your questions before starting a new thread. Chances are, someone has already answered the question or discussed the topic.

    Here are several threads about mange that you should read through. If after reading, you still have questions or want to share your experiences, please pick the most relevant thread and post there. That helps keep the forum neater and information easier to find. :)
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