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Resource guarding... beds?
  • RikkaRikka
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    Hey all!

    I haven't posted here in sooooo long, so hello if any of you recognize me! If not, hello to everyone new. :)

    Sagan has been more or less a normal Shiba adult—lazy, quiet, but loves his walks and hikes. Nothing has been a problem the last year or two, which has been really nice. However, within the last couple of months, he's been resource guarding both mine and my roommate's bed.

    What I mean by that is he'll occasionally pop into our bedrooms, immediately jump onto our beds, then growl and even attempt to bite us when we reach out for him to get off. Neither me or my roommate like this since we want to keep dog hair off (however, my main roommate doesn't mind—in fact, they often cuddle together in the mornings in his bed) of our beds since he sheds like crazy all year long.

    I'm thinking it's because we have a new roommate who moved in May, but it hasn't been overly stressful, I think. He's normally at work and then goes into his room when he gets home, so there's very little interaction between him and Sagan. The few times that he's caught Sagan on his bed, he had to get my main roommate to grab him because he was acting bratty. When my main roommate DOES grab him, he goes berserk: straight-up annoying Shiba yelps, biting in the air, and kicking his legs.

    We've obviously tried telling him to get off and/or using a toy, but there's no feedback from him other than staring.

    My only guess to start slowly resolving this is by having dog treats in our rooms and luring him off the bed, but it seems so strange that it's happened just this year. In previous years, he couldn't care less if we picked him up on any bed or surface—he's actually quite passive with that and doesn't mind.

    Does anyone have any additional thoughts or related stories?
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  • Tang used to do this when the cats or other dogs got on the bed. I would put him in his kennel if he did that and that is where he got to sleep at night. When it was really bad, I basically started from 1 again and made the kennel his bed at night for a few weeks. After that, no more issues... he's gotta know that is not his bed.

    They get funny as they get older. Moxy was totally cool with everything when he was younger, but as he's gotten older, he gets grumpy about his personal space. He also sleeps on our bed and sometimes if we move our feet to close, he give a little low growl. He would never snap or bite, he's just saying hey, this is my space.

    I would probably try starting from 1 again and have him sleep in his kennel (in the room with you) so he see's that is YOUR bed and not his. Slowly give him time out in the evening, giving treats when he is good on the bed.