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Female Shiba Grooming Male?
  • minnlinminnlin
    Posts: 13
    I been wondering why when ever I start petting the male shiba, the female shiba will walk over and start taking small bites at his face like if she was cleaning him really fast small bites and its not biting into him while pushing him with her snow but she will keep doing this until I stop petting him. and will do it again if I start petting him again

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  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    Uh, she might think you're grooming him and is participating. Weirdly, my female does this to my male when ever he lays down for belly rubs. She assumes it's time to groom him, and stops whenever I stop petting him.

    Could be something else entirely, just saying it happens here too lol.