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Nala biting her paws :(
  • Hey everyone so Nala has always nibbled and licked her paws but it's never been an issue until today. I noticed she actually has nibbled most of the hair off her back paws and it's down to the skin. I'm going to see a vet as soon as I can but does anyone have any ideas as to why this is or what to do?

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  • zandramezandrame
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    Sounds like allergies, which are pretty common unfortunately.

    Check out -
  • Thank you for the link. That's what a lot of people I've talked to have been saying is allergies. I talked to my vet over the phone and she said Benadryl and to get some triple antibiotic ointment and see if that works otherwise to come in if not cleared up shortly. I've tried a day of that treatment and switched to a grain free food yesterday as well. I just noticed she started on the front ones now. I'm going to have to get a cone or some other type of booties or something. I'm not home all day to keep her from doing it and it's frustrating to see her keep doing it to herself. :(
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