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Inactive Shiba during hot summer days.
  • My Shiba Rasu seems to enjoy sleeping a lot more now that it is so hot outside. I usually walk him early in the morning with a potty break mid day and a late afternoon/night walk. When I try to engage him in play he usually looks at me like I am an idiot and continues to lay there watching me. At night around 9:00pm he becomes actively playful and usually brings all of his toys to us to play and sometimes does the Shiba 500. Around 11:00pm he gets sleepy again and is usually down for the night. I'm curious if this is normal Shiba behavior or if I should be concerned? He is only 1 year and 9 months and is still a puppy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    @ShibaLuv19 - Please remember to search the forum for similar topics before starting a new thread. Most likely, your question has already been asked and answered on the forum. Here is one of many threads about Shibas in warmer climates:
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