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Does your shiba roam freely in your house without supervision?
  • Kokoro is 13 months old and he's grown up with a crate + x-pen set-up. He sleeps in his crate at night, and plays in the x-pen during the day when we are at work. When we are home we let him roam free and yell at him to stop chewing on pillows/sofa/shoes/chairs when he's being naughty. He's been through puppy class so he's obedience trained and knows what he's not allowed to do. We also take him to the dog park every day.

    Today I caught him eating my slipper (which he knows is bad behavior) and it made me wonder if there will ever be a time when I can just trust him to be roaming free in the house. He's very sneaky and smart. I grew up with a german-shepherd lab mix who was able to be trusted to be alone and freely roaming in the house by 1-2 years of age. I'm just wondering if shibas can ever be trusted or if I will need to keep Kokoro in his x-pen his whole life.

    I'm also considering further training classes to get him to be less naughty. He has issues with recall, dropping things that he's not supposed to eat, and leaving things/dogs/people alone. He's very smart and knows a ton of tricks, but he prefers to use his smarts to do naughty things!

    If you have a shiba that you trust to be free in the house, how did you do it? At what age were you able to do it? Also curious to hear from people who still have to x-pen/crate/supervise their shibas constantly and what age your shiba is. Thanks!

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    It really is dependent on the Shiba and the amount of trust you have in him and also the amount of trust he has in you. Destructiveness is directly tied to boredom or separation anxiety so that means that he isn't getting enough physical/mental stimulation to keep him tired or busy while he is at home. 13 months is still considered a puppy and puppies will do what they can to keep themselves busy when they are bored. If you still have to yell at him often to not exhibit bad behavior when you ARE around, then he's not ready to free roam. And you also mentioned that he still has issues with his obedience. It isn't safe and also isn't fair if you discipline him when you get home and find out he's been naughty. You got yourself a Shiba and stubbornness and independence is the top two traits they have so you can't really compare him to working breeds like labs and shepherds that are bred to please their owners.

    As for myself, I've always crated my girl and just recently started allowing her to free roam for short amounts of time while we are out for less than an hour. We have cameras set up around the house to monitor wherever she is and what she is up to. We make sure she just had a long walk and that she has something to keep her occupied like a Kong wobbler or something to chew on.

    If the Xpen is what keeps him out of trouble and he's content with being in there with things to keep him occupied, then that might be the best way. How long is he home alone for during the day?
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