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"My dog doesn't like shibas"
  • brucewaynebrucewayne
    Posts: 12
    Have you guys encountered other owners with dogs that become aggressive towards your shibas? 2 weeks ago my 8 month old shiba got attacked at the dog park by a German Shepard mix. The owners excuse? "My dog doesn't like shibas". Keep in mind that we had barely entered the dog park and the German Shepard came out of nowhere, grabbed my shiba by the neck and dragged him and wouldn't let go. I chased the dog and the owner fractured his ankle while trying to fight his own dog and making him let go of mine. Fortunately he doesn't seem traumatize by the entire ordeal.

    Today, while entering my apartment, a lady walks in with her Boston terrier. My shiba and I are waiting to get into the elevator and her dog just goes wild (my shiba didn't move or touch him) and she says "he doesn't like shibas".

    Honestly, most of the time I want to say something but I figure that the dogs are now the problem, it's the owners themselves. Gets me furious when others place blame on other dog breeds. If my shiba was aggressive or not well trained then I'd understand someone not wanting their dog around mine but that is clearly not the case here.

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  • Yojimbo_90Yojimbo_90
    Posts: 45
    Greyhounds seem to like to chase my Yoji, I assume because he's small and fox like looking, so my Yoji would tend to steer clear from them in the dog park. If he gets uncomfortable he'll hang around my legs which I take as a signal from him saying he's had enough and wants to go.

    There is one chow we meet on occasion that has also shown aggression upon meeting Yoji, but I believe this to be because both dogs are quite defensive and rude upon greeting other dogs in general, the chow maybe more by breed. It's as if they're saying, "I don't want any trouble" "yeah well I don't want any trouble EITHER" and then they get a bit stiff with eachother, after a while they calm down and just stay away from eachother but will join in and play with other dogs together.

    I understand this and let them go about their business after they've established who they are. On another encounter with same chow we were just walking by, both dogs on leash, but the chow stopped and lay on the ground, Yoji then proceeded to stalk his way up to him so I walked a little bit away and to the other side of the path from them and as I could tell it was a bit of a tense greeting. As we approached chow jumped up on his lead aggressively trying to get at him. Both dogs were acting quite defensively and no one was to blame here I just think these guys won't ever get along. The chow is quite a dominant boy, hasn't been neutered and goes around trying to hump other dogs, both male and female and is a bit gruffly with certain dogs.

    In saying that, I don't believe dogs to not like certain breeds, I think the owners are just using that excuse for their own dogs reactivity to other dogs. Especially in your case since your shiba hadn't even entered the dog park before the GSD attacked your poor pupper, to me that other dog shouldn't be in there if he/she is going to behave that way to small dogs. It's a lot easier to say my dog doesn't like your dog, rather than I ignored a behavioural problem in my dog and was too lazy to fix it. Owner obviously knows damn well too. Annoys me.
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    I actually think the shiba look can aggravate some dogs. The way they stand with a proud upright, almost stiff looking body and high tail can be interpreted wrong. My shiba likes staring at other dogs too which I'm sure is pretty rude.
    German shepherds normally don't like her actually.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    Lol. I find this funny because it's the other way around for my Shiba. She turned 5 last month and something about German Shepards set off a spark and she went ape shit on our neighbors German Shepard. She backed out of her martingale and ran straight to the GS in attack mode. My husband was walking her... Good thing she obeyed him when he yelled STOP!! STAY!!

    She is normally calm and mellow.
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    We have a GSD in the neighbourhood who wants to kill Juni. She has attacked several other dogs. The owner is terrible, screaming, leash yanking and smacking the poor dog. When dog sitters take the dog out she is much better behaved and relaxed. Even younger kids handle the dog better because they reward her and praise her.
    The owner loooooves Juni and said recently that she is putting her dog down soon (the dog is old and suffer from arthritis) and is looking for a dog to go out with every now and then. "But I understand Juni is very loyal to you and probably will be difficult...?"
    "Oh, yeah unfortunately" I said. I certainly won't want her around my dog.
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  • NikkitineNikkitine
    Posts: 776
    Yes I also have the opposite problem with my girl, she has a terrible hatreds for small short dogs especially. Corgis she will go crazy at :(
  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    Our B&T doesn't like any dog if she can't immediately see their eyes. Only dogs she isn't happy to see or meet - instead of bowing and wagging her tail with ears down and giving them happy kisses she backs away, tail goes down, and she growls at them. Took a while to figure out where the reaction was coming from but it's a bit quirky and amusing when I think about it.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    I actually think the shiba look can aggravate some dogs. The way they stand with a proud upright, almost stiff looking body and high tail can be interpreted wrong.

    I think Shibas are so beautiful and they have such a confident, elegant gait (like they're on a runway) and some dogs do not like that! I figure-oh well, haters will hate! LOL!

    My Quakey hates German Sheperds, greyhounds, and black labs.
  • I went to our local dog park this past Sunday. I was the second person to arrive and when I stopped to get my doggie bags at the gate I noticed a curly tail prancing around the do park. We went in and my Shiba mugged the new Shiba. She has tried to punk every Shiba she's ever met. So I guess it safe to say My Shiba doesn't like Shibas.
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    @misterelwood-My Quakey was the only Shiba in our neighborhood until two Shibas moved in across the main avenue. He and I saw the two Shibas since they belonged to the same household and immediately they growled at Quakey and he growled right back at them. We saw the Shibas a few more times and it was the same thing again. Those Shibas did not like Quakey and he did not like them either. They would all start growling and barking as soon as they caught scent and/or sight of each other. I think my Quakey wants to be King Shiba in our neighborhood and the other two want to be King and Queen Shiba!!
  • I can see where the other owner's coming from. Sometimes when I meet new dogs w/ Koji, unless they are already well socialized or extremely playful, most will shy away from him or even get aggressive. I think it's the way he stands and greets other dogs. It's similar to a "stay there and let me decide what to do with you because i'm the boss" attitude.

    To second what the first commenter said, my Shiba actually almost ALWAYS has some form of tense meeting with every Chow he's walked across. It's probably a breed thing, since both can be stubborn/proud, but usually with some time they get over it and play with each other, or at the least leave each other alone.

    Anyhow, I wouldn't be too mad at the other owners. I think what they meant by their dog not liking Shibas translates more to, "my dog has had a bad experience with that breed and doesn't feel comfortable around them." Similar to how a dog can fear thunderstorms or cars, etc...

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