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Shiba ate a dead rat
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    She was so proud of herself. The vet didn't seem that concerned and said to watch her-- and online research indicates that the chance of secondary poisoning is minimal. Have others gone through this? How do others keep their Shibas from eating dead animals off of the street? Or, random street food in general? Because of the prey drive, "leave it" does not seem to work when tempted with dead animals (she knows the command well and it works 85% of the time).

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  • We've walked past a few dead animals on our walks before and every time I've spotted it before my pup has. We simply do not go near it. I've worked with Ham a lot on "leave it" and I cannot say that he follows 100% of the time, but if he does not respond, I can simply pick him up and we can go somewhere else that I can get his attention once I have his attention, we try again and I reward him when he is focused on me and not the thing I tell him to leave alone.

    There is a lot of food that people throw on the street near where we live, and when we first moved here, I kept his favourite snacks on me. So when I said leave it, and he left it, he'd get something better. I would return to doing that if he's still very interested, if not, keep a shorter line on your leash and walk past it.

    You can also use a 'heel' or a 'look at me' command while walking past something. Once your dog is focused on you, walk past it, and reward him/her once you pass whatever food/dead thing on your path.
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