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2yo potties in crate
  • DoGoatDoGoat
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    So from day one I've had an issue with Gnocchi going potty in his crate.

    A few months ago I bought him a crate with a divider so we could really work on him and this issue. I kept the divider at a space that was enough for him to turn around, sit and stand (albeit a little awkward but it worked). He didn't pee or poop in his crate at all when it was sized down with the divider.

    Yesterday, I decided to give him more room, but just a bit so I moved the divider back one bar in the crate. He had a bit more room now, as him his legs could stretch out this time and he pees in it the first time he goes in there for 2 hours :/

    Gnocchi did come from a puppy mill so I'm positive that's why he does it but the instant I gave him more room, he just peed since he had the space to sit away from it.

    What can I do? I feel so bad keeping him at the smaller space but he won't pee or poop if he has only enough room to lay down. He goes outside every hour for 15min, he goes when he has to go. We're working on ringing bells to go outside but there's really not much else I feel like I can do. He was at the vet recently and they gave him the all good.

    Any ideas on what to do?
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @DoGoat - There are so many existing threads on potty training, including threads on potty training an adult from a mill. I would suggest reading through the existing threads and trying some of the suggestions there.

    Since this is a very common issue, I am going to close this thread. Once you have read through some others, feel free to continue the conversation in the most relevant thread.

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