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Ideal Outdoor Conditions For Walking
  • I was wondering what everyone thinks about the "ideal conditions" to walk your dog at. I know that shibas don't do that well in the heat, so I was wondering what temperature range would be best for long walks. Hansel walks regardless if its cloudy or 95 degrees and sunny out. I only allow him little time to do his business when its that hot out, but I was curious what everyone else had to say about it!
  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    I have to walk Pylea no matter how hot it is, because I don't have a yard. When it's 90+, I dunk her in water at home, then walk her outside until her fur is completely dry (including the spot on her back under her tail curl).
  • RuushiiRuushii
    Posts: 12
    Rushi needs to be walked all the time. But she doesn't do well in the heat and refuses to go very far so I'm kind of at a loss. It's the middle of summer and humid. I can walk her at night but I don't think that's enough haha.
  • niki82niki82
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    Sora gets walked every day regardless of weather... She loves her walk times because they're not just walks.. The morning walk is an outing as well we go to favorite spots and play and have fun. The afternoon / evening as well as our night walks are more about walking and sniffing,exploring etc.. Oh and of course the toilet too! :)
    Sora absolutely hates the heat however so during Summer it was walk at dawn, again around 8am, laze around house in front of the fan with air con on full blast and then walk again from 7pm or 8pm depending on how hot it still was. It worked well because I too dislike the heat and where I live summer is almost always in the mid 30s(degree Celsius that is) and commonly tops 41degrees Celsius!!

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