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Kobe was attacked
  • Still pissed, it happened yesterday evening. Neighbor has a pitbull he let's run free around the neighborhood. It has barked and came towards us before I pick Kobe up and yell at it and it backs off, threw a stick another time. This time I was walking him in my yard and the pit charged I grabbed Kobe the dog was jumping up snapping trying to get him, big pit could easily reach him so I kept on turning my back to him and he was gettin more aggressive I started to move fast towards the porch he jumped and hit me I tripped and still had Kobe locked in my arms. The pit grabbed his tail and stared shaking it I thought he was gone rip the dang thing off, I was stuck on the ground holding Kob, the pit had his tail in its mouth. Tried to pull Kobe out from under me but I didn't let him, mom happened to be at my house and she heard it came out charged it and it backed off and I was able to get him inside. I was so worried about him I started hyperventilating. Watched him over night didn't bleed but a few drops hours after. Didn't walk much.

    Cops were called n they pretty much told them they need to get rid of that dog, they agreed to pay vet bill but we will see I might have to take them to court. Vet found two bite marks under butt and back of thigh luckily it wasn't bad enough to need surgery or anything. Got some antibiotics and sent me home, I am very upset that sorry owners. Vet said I was very lucky I could have easily been killed as could Kobe.
  • BootzBootz
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    As the saying goes. There is no bad dogs, just bad owners.

    Sorry that happened to you. I'm glad you and Kobe are ok. I hope he will not be traumatized by the incident. Keep us posted on Kobes status!
  • Lrose1990Lrose1990
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    My husky was attacked on a walk once, by a rottie whose owners misused electric fencing :/ She had a degloving injury on her leg, would have been a 500$ emergency surgery, but the practice manager at our local vet gave a discount because they knew me from my time shadowing there and that I was in vet school. They also made us wait to worry about the bill until the owner of the rottie covered it.

    Basically in our case the dog had gone for dogs before, and animal control knew about him, but there wasn't much they could do. The dog is still alive and we don't walk there anymore.

    I hope Kobe feels better!
  • RuushiiRuushii
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    I hope Kobe heals up quickly. There's a massive pitbull that our abusive neighbors have. (multiple dogs, one chained up in front yard with little food water or attention. 2 smaller dogs that wonder around in the summer heat and look skinny and unhealthy. Long story short this pit gets lose and wonders the neighborhood. He doesn't seem particularly aggressive but always alert, fearful and protective. I was unfortunate to wonder up on him while I was walking rushi, walked away slowly and was chased, growled at and barked at and was forced into some old woman's house.

    I'm particularly young and wirey and would have no chance against a pitbull especially with no tool to defend myself. I called city hall but the only thing was accomplished was a warning. This is probably their 4th or 5th warning with no progress so far.

    Very frustrating
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    I am so sorry that Kobe was attacked and I hope that he heals very quickly and has no issues. I have posted before that my Quakey and I were attacked by two dogs last year and Quakey suffered from anxiety after the incident. Thank goodness he healed from the anxiety and is fine now. At that time, I took him to a behaviorist vet who suggested that I carry dog deterrent spray every single time I step out of the house with Quakey. I would suggest the same thing for you. The spray will not hurt the other dog but it would scare the other dog away. I live in Washington, DC where dog deterrent spray is legal to carry but it is not sold here so I went to amazon. It is best to carry the spray that you can put on a wrist band so you can get to it immediately. Below is the link:
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Was sorry to see this. I hope Kobe is recovering and doing well.

    So glad you called the police. I know we all love our dogs and don't want to vilify other dogs. But in this case, it was neccessary.

    And as said before, it's not the pit's fault. Bad, uneducated owners seem to be in abundance. It's too bad the dog(s) may pay the ultimate price.
    "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened."
  • dougfoodougfoo
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    Is Kobe traumatized? After my pup was attacked by another older Shiba (not badly just scared the winnie out of her), she didn't seem to want to play with dogs for a few weeks. Now she's ok.

    Thank god in Tokyo there are no big big dogs raising terror (there are very few bigger breeds, and the few are super well trained -- its way too hard to have a big dog in central Tokyo, if anything they would be going crazy...).

  • brucewaynebrucewayne
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    I am so happy that Kobe made it out alright, I really hope this doesn't traumatize him which I think could be concerning considering what he just went through. Someone else already said this, but there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. My 8 month old shiba got attacked 2 weeks ago by a German Shepard mix and I'm still shaky from it.

    Best of luck and I hope Kobe will be okay!

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