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Does touching the tail hurt them?
  • enzo_inuenzo_inu
    Posts: 32
    My pups tail is REALLY curly and tight like a cinnamon roll and he HATES it when i touch it or pull it (not hard of course). Does anyone know if that hurts them or if they just don't like it?

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  • koyukikoyuki
    Posts: 1244
    It will hurt them if its injured, otherwise no its probably just annoying him that you are touching/pulling at his tail. No need for it unless a vet is examining the tail, you are examining it for any issues, or a judge in the show ring in my opinion.
    I never uncurl any of my dogs tails, its not necessary especially if they dont like it.
    Is there any reason why you are touching/pulling at it enough to establish that your dogs hates it?
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  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    Are you touching/pulling at your dog's tail as a handling exercise? Or are you just annoying your dog for no reason? If it's the former, give verbal praise (or click, whatever your marker is) followed by a treat whenever you gently touch his tail. He should get used to it eventually.

    Mine doesn't mind having her tail touched, and I never did any training with it. But she is incredibly sensitive about her bhole--she has never let the vet put a thermometer in it, and she freaks out whenever I try to remove a dingleberry. :(
  • enzo_inuenzo_inu
    Posts: 32
    At first it was just to see if it would uncurl (not all the way) because his tail is so tight. But I have stopped that since I know he doesn't like it. But even if I touch it on accident or when I am giving him a bath, he will grab my hand with his mouth and move it or swing his body around so I cant touch it anymore.
  • Ham was nervous about being touched when I first got him. He hated his tail being touched and he hated anyone touching his collar and ears. I worked a lot with handling with him because I never wanted the possibility of him trying to bite someone because they touched him. He still doesn't like strangers touching the top of his head but has never done anything other than giving pitiful looks. I've had kids come up and touch his tail, and he takes it with grace.

    If your pup isn't injured and if your pup has the chance of being around kids or people who try to pet first and ask later, handling exercises might be worth starting up again. I know he didn't bite you but grabbed your hand with his mouth, I would try to curb that behaviour altogether.

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