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Training for off-leash
  • Hi! Ive been bringing Rina to numerous fenced dog parks for awhile now. Ive noted that she always stays near me and if I walk toward the gate to go to the car, or even pretend, that she looks at me hastily and barks then proceeds to run towards me as if i'm going to leave her behind. The problem is that whenever I call her by name to "come" she never does; though, she does it perfectly in-house. Whats the best way to train her out of the house? I suppose treats are the best way but are there any other options I havent thought of? She doesnt seem to react to treats while outside of the house. Eventually I want her to be off leash even at parks that are not fenced. Ive done it before and she doesnt run away, but the problem is that she doesnt "come" which I consider
    to be a major safety concern!
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    Try using a different word for outdoor recall if she's not responding to "come". Also bring one of her favorite toys to pull out if she's having trouble listening. Another trick to get them to come is to walk or run away from them and call them with a tone of excitement in your voice .. but just call their name, don't say "come". These are just a few tricks we learned from Poopers basic manners class. She's enrolled in a recall skills class, first one is next week! If we learn any super secret awesome tricks I'll pass it along. :D
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