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Curb Walking
  • ShibaLuv19ShibaLuv19
    Posts: 16
    This is a strange behavior/habit that my Shiba Rasu has developed. Whenever we are outside walking, he loves to walk along curbs. Even when he has to go potty he will still walk along the curb and then step onto the grass. Does anyone elses Shiba do this? It's not bothersome to me, but I am curious if it is just my dog that does this. Thanks.
  • willgrahamwillgraham
    Posts: 34
    Sometimes I can't get mine to go in the grass at all, he just walks along the sidewalk, even if I know he has to go potty. I figured he just didn't want to step in the grass since he's so prissy and clean.
  • dhelsingdhelsing
    Posts: 67
    Lawdy. Glad to hear that mine aren't the only weirdo curb walkers out there. Even my tri-paw, Jiro, who only has one front leg, will insist on walking on the sloped part of the cement curb.
  • ShibaLuv19ShibaLuv19
    Posts: 16
    @dhelsing, good to see another creamie Shiba owner. :) Love the Santa hat pic. I'm also glad my shiba isnt alone in his strange behavior. lol I love their quirkiness, I believe it is all part of the unique Shiba breed.

    @willgraham Rasu also walks mainly on the sidewalk, but he still loves to walk the curb. I call him the acrobat Shiba. :)
  • @ShibaLuv19 - The pup in my profile pic was our first Shiba - we fostered/adopted him through SIRA (Shiba Inu Rescue Assn). He was an 11 year old commercial breeder release (puppy mill) named Yoshi. Sadly, he passed away in 2013 only 8 months later from aggressive oral melanoma. But we fostered/adopted another creamie -- Michi -- who is now 6 or 7 -- released by the same mill for being an unsuitable breeder. We also adopted a little sesame tri-paw boy 6 months after that. He just turned 4.
  • JasonWJasonW
    Posts: 29
    My little boy, Kyubi, sometimes prefers curb walking because he doesn't want to get his precious little paws dirty on soil/grass, especially if the ground is damp. Geeeez....LOL.

    Shibas grew in popularity amongst Japanese apartment-dwellers partly because they can be fastidiously clean, little furballs.

    Kyubi would even hold back his pee and poo urges if he sees it's raining outside. He is a true Shiba. LOL

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