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Shiba nose mystery
  • Hi, I just signed up to this forum to get an answer to my question. My Shiba girl is almost a year old now and she has been the light of my life. About a week ago someone asked me if shibas are meant to have split noses as my shiba does. After numerous google image searches, I don't think I've seen another shiba with a split nose!
    I know both her parents and I'm still in contact with them. They both have "normal" noses.
    I also have my shibas pedigree certificate which maps her pedigree lineage.
    I have no idea why she has a split nose or the implication of this. Can someone PLEASE shed some light on the mystery??


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  • I don't know if the images work. If you Instagram: heart_nosed_shiba there are a collection of her pictures.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
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    I'm no expert but I once owned a pair of Tatra sheep dogs, one of which had a cleft palate that caused his nose to be "deformed" just like that. This was well before the advent of digital cameras and 5 years before moving back to Canada (so maybe 25 years ago?) so I'm not sure if/where I have any pictures of him to show how similar it looks.

    Not saying your dog has a cleft palate but it could very well be some form of palate deformity that has caused the nose to split like that. Ask your Vet!

    Edit: just wanted to add, she's really really cute and very unique looking!
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  • Yojimbo_90Yojimbo_90
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    I already follow your girl, she is adorable even if her nose isn't normal!
  • niki82niki82
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    Hi @Rebzilla91 I can't see the pics but will go check out the pics. I'm sure your pup is just beautiful. I don't know anything about "split noses" but there are plenty of experienced forum members so I'm sure one of them will come along and help you soon. :)
  • LilikoiLilikoi
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    Cute heart nose hehe. :) The only dog I knew with a split nose was a German shepherd with a cleft palate. But I've heard of dogs with split noses but are otherwise perfectly normal.

    Also, if you want to become a member of the forum, you need to post an introduction thread about yourself and how you became interested in shibas before asking questions. Then you'll have full access to all of the forum's threads, which are definitely a great resource.

    Here's the thread that gives more clear instructions. :D
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    @Rebzilla91 - We require all new members to introduce themselves to the community. Since this is not an introduction, I changed the category. Please start a new thread and tell us a bit about yourself and your pup. Thanks! :)
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