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Help! Acting fearful/depressed/in pain but vet found nothing!!!
  • euphaireeuphaire
    Posts: 347
    Hi guys,

    My three-year old Kyuubi is acting very strange today, from morning till now. Took him to the vet but they found nothing. Stool and pee were normal looking. Gums look normal. Here's how I would describe his behavior today:

    1) pacing/dashing around as if he wants to poop (in door, he never does that)
    2) lower body shaking (VIDEO:
    3) head tilting/shaking, a half shaking to the left (which is why I was concerned about the ear)
    4) hides in corner/under chair (but it is at Vet, so it is hard to say)

    1) peed on the stairs instead under the tree (earlier than usual, although we just moved)
    2) scratch face and body on grass
    3) low motor, lying and resting
    4) much less responsive to calls and commands
    5) does NOT eat treats or food

    What Vet did:
    1) took temperature
    2) observed behaviour in door and out door
    3) checked ears with scope
    4) checked eyes with torch
    (He found nothing, suggested me to see a neurologist)

    Had normal stool and pee today.

    Please see photos. I'm very very worried and I would go see a neurologist if it's necessary. I just don't even have a clue of what MIGHT be happening to him. Any ideas? Thank you!


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  • Lrose1990Lrose1990
    Posts: 80
    Could something have happened to scare him? He looks very scared, but I dunno... Hope he feels better soon!
  • euphaireeuphaire
    Posts: 347
    No, nothing has scared him, not that I know's just another routine, normal day.
  • niki82niki82
    Posts: 434
    I'm so sorry!! Poor Kyuubi! @Lrose1990 asked if something may have scared him and I see your not sure or aware of anything. Maybe you could tell us his regular routine like is he walked by a dog walker or does he go anywhere with anyone else? Something out of the ordinary may have happened and it doesn't have to be anything big just a small change or noise he didn't recognise. What is his personality like?
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  • Yojimbo_90Yojimbo_90
    Posts: 45
    Oh dear oh dear, I feel for you poor pupper, perhaps bring him to another vet for a second opinion or definitely the neurologist, the heavy panting and involuntary shaking is an immediate concern.

    Did the vet check his back/neck?

    Could he have and eaten anything toxic he shouldn't have? Maybe in the garden, or on a walk? Will he let you touch his tummy? Did he eat any breakfast?

    Hope you find out soon what's the cause. I'm surprised the vet let you go home, I'd bring him to another straight away. In the video he looks so distressed :(
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  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8526
    @euphaire - Take your pup to another vet, as soon as possible. Have them run a CBC and a thyroid test. If they find nothing, take him to a neurologist.

    The video looks like he could be having a seizure (complex partial, not tonic clonic). The other symptoms could be signs of a stroke.

    He could also be severely anxious, but if nothing has changed in his routine or environment, I doubt this is the case.

    Either way, to another vet you go. Hopefully you can find an answer and he can start to get back to normal.
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  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 360
    This was happening when you woke up, or after you awoke? Is he crated or otherwise secured at night?
  • niki82niki82
    Posts: 434
    @euphaire hoping you get your answers about your boy soon. How is he going?
  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    Sending positive thoughts, hope you get to the bottom of this!
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
    Posts: 887
    Please do take your furry baby to a neurologist to get everything checked out. My Quakey had a similar episode three years ago and we took him to a neurologist after the general vet found nothing. It is always best to have a neurologist check your little one when there are symptoms such as those shown on the video. It turned out my Quakey was having a panic attack because he wanted to stay with me and not go back to Virginia with my son and his a-hole girlfriend whom I did not know at the time did not like Quakey. My Quakey and I are sending lots of love and healing.
  • ShibaLuv19ShibaLuv19
    Posts: 16
    My dog Rasu had a smiliar episode as well. We rushed him to the vet, also showing her videos of his behavior only to find out that everything was normal. We attribute it to a sort of panic attack though we never found out the true cause. He is almost two and only had a similar incident recently when a maintenance worker set off all of the smoke alarms in my apartment at the same time. He was terrified, it took him most of the day to finally be calm enough to seem normal. My husband and I were NOT happy. I hope you can find answers soon. A neurologist sounds like a great idea just to be safe. Its better to be over cautious than to wait and assume things will be fine. Good luck!
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  • @euphaire How is Kyuubi doing? Any news? Sending positive thoughts
  • Yojimbo_90Yojimbo_90
    Posts: 45
    Did you find out what was up with your poor pup? Would love an update, hoping it was all sorted and he's back to normal again.

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