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Treating cronic bladder infections?
  • Hey everyone, long time no see. Life has been crazy, we now have three kids and the dogs just love them!
    But keeping on topic, Hime has been diagnosed with cronic bladder infections that cause struvite stones. We've had 2 incidents of stones in 2 years. Our vet wants to just prevent the stones by putting Hime on the c/d diet, but I want to explore options into preventing the infections. My vet is open to other treatment options. Can anyone advise me where to look for other options I could bring up to my vet. Thanks all!
  • niki82niki82
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    Hi @stryker777337 your poor dog! I don't have experience with dogs and bladder infections but I have a manx who has suffered from terrible UTI. Our vet told us it was from built up salts from.eating dry food. The same vet then advised us to use c/d dry! Now I know the salt content is meant to be low in c/d but I wasn't happy with many of the other ingredients and the wet food was so gross she refused to eat it. For a long time I would feed her fresh meat and high quality wet food with extra water but she was so unhappy so I recently gave in and researched top quality dry food without salt made for cats who suffer UTI. I decided on a brand and began to feed her it. There have been no problems and she is very happy and healthy again.its also important that Fluffles drinks lots of water which she does. My other two cats only like to eat raw meat and wet tin food. So what I'm saying is do some research first and find out what your dog will eat but won't cause infections. You could also go raw or find tin foods without salts/sodiums. It doesn't have to be C/D. Good luck!
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  • Thanks I'll mention the sodium lvl to out vet.
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    I actually had the same issue with our Manx years and years ago, and did the exact same thing for the exact same reason, though our vet was pushing a different brand.

    It's perfectly reasonable to go the same route for a dog suffering from the same condition, just as long as you're making sure all of their dietary needs are met with the new food choices. Good luck, I'm sure you'll sort it out!
  • We decided to use the cd for a little while, so we can analyze the breakdown and find better food. Looks like maybe low phosphorus is the big thing, and water intake. Any suggestions on limited diet foods that are low phosphorus? We just can't really do raw right now.