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Is there a thing as too much brushing?
  • Hi all. I have my 7 month old female shiba, Rina with me and i'm just wondering if theres a thing as too much brushing.

    I brush her hair about 3 times each day, especially before bed and I notice theres always a lot on the brush. Her coat seems fine and I dont see any problem; she sits still through the whole process and seems to love it, too. But, I just want to make sure i'm not damaging her or impeding her coat from becoming fluffy and nice in the future. Am i pulling too much hair off or will the brush stop picking off hair once all her loose hair is out?

    TL;DR I brush her for as long as til I get tired. Am I overbrushing or is it healthy and good?

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    Hi @Rinatheshiba - all new members are required to post an introductory thread about themselves before they start asking questions. After that, the moderators will unlock your account so you can browse older threads and see if that question has been asked and answered previously.
  • @imBLASIAN Ive already posted an introductory thread awhile ago.
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    Is there a reason you are brushing her 3x a day? Seems very excessive to me. Is she blowing her coat? What kind of brush are you using?

    I don't brush my shiba very often, maybe once every 2 weeks at the most. When she's actively shedding, however, I gently remove loose tufts of hair with my fingers and brush her with an undercoat rake.
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    Ah, it threw me off since this is posted in "Introductions" instead of "Grooming" has your account been unlocked?

    I brush my shiba once a day. I'm sure hair works itself loose throughout the day, but it shouldn't be significant enough to warrant multiple brushings.
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