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Gnocchi needs better social skills, what could help?
  • DoGoatDoGoat
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    So Gnocchi's had some issues since I got him, he get's very snappy when another dog gets in his face.

    He's totally fine with dogs at a distance, but he yips at a dog if they don't look at him (what a diva). I decided to take a reactive dog class since I wasn't 100% certain on what his issue was and I wasn't planning on finding out myself. The class ended today and the trainer has come to the conclusion that he just has terrible social skills. He's not okay if a dog greets him from the front and sniffs his face, but if he can greet a dog and sniff them first and then they sniff him, he's all good.

    I plan to email the trainer tomorrow to see what we can do to improve his issue with greeting dogs. In the mean time, I'd like to know if anyone has experienced this with their Shibas? I know @Nikkitine has, it's like Tali and Gnocchi are the same dogs! :P

    Just curious if you've been able to improve their social skills and how they greet other dogs as well.
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  • JuniJuni
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    My Juni is pretty much the same, she hates dogs that sniff her face and her butt.

    What I do is praise her for when she is showing good behaviour and say nothing if she is telling the other dog off in a decent way ( like lip twitches or growling) because she is of course allowed to have an opinion about other dogs, I just don't want her to over react.
    I am also very quick to praise the other dog if that dog responds to her behaviour and backs away. If she in turn relaxes when the other dog backs off I praise her for that too.
    If I feel she is unnecessarily harsh and snappy I say no or ah ah ah and as soon as she relaxes I praise her.
    This is for situations when we can't avoid close contact with another dog. Otherwise I try to avoid meeting and greeting strange dogs.
  • koyukikoyuki
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  • astralarisastralaris
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    Depending on his age, do you think that he would be open to focused socialization classes? We took our Hana at about 10 weeks old, knowing that Shibas can be aloof around other people and dogs. Our goal as soon as all her puppy shots were done was to meet 100 new people and their dogs -- we are at 6 months old now, and have achieved that goal partly by taking her to a few outdoor events where there were to be dogs. She loves people and she loves other dogs. Of course, one important thing to remember, and, forgive me, you may already know this, but after 3 seconds of intro. between dogs, a meeting can turn from curiosity to agression. So when first bringing dogs together - if receptive - for a 3 second sniff and turn away and reapproach in smaller, increasing intervals - if other party is willing. Of course, if you see agression in those 3 seconds or immediately between your dog and another, you know what's coming -- and it sounds like you know his signals and how he needs to approach another dog. ;) See if you can work w/ some of your neighbors who have "balanced" dogs to help him overcome his trepidation at meeting new dogs. I would never say to just write him off as having poor social skills. :)
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  • sunyatasunyata
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  • astralarisastralaris
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    @Sunyata -- OK, so noted. I figured all posts were open unless listed as closed and that some may open these threads b/c they were experiencing the same / similar problems. Thanks.
  • JackStateJackState
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  • astralarisastralaris
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    @JackState - Thanks. Ye, I was thrown off because the topic appeared near the top of the discussions when I logged in to see "all discussions." At a quick glance, I saw the month was "May" but didn't register the 2016 date. Just really getting started here on this forum and still learning. Thanks for your help -- again! :)
  • Mochi920Mochi920
    Posts: 357
    @astralaris when I first joined the forum, I made that same mistake too lol except mine was a couple of years back :)) I sometimes forget to check the date on these forum threads.
    But going back to your comment, dogs are so funny when it comes to playing. They could be all happy and welcoming but a few minutes later they could just end up disliking each other lol I kind of imply the three second rule with my dog too when she meets other dogs and it usually is a giveaway of how they'll like each other but sometimes it ends up with them not liking each other. It's mainly the other dog getting too in her face :( good thing it doesn't stop her from not wanting to be around other dogs.

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