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Hotspots and how to deal with them
  • So, Momo developed a hotspot in the middle of his tail a couple months ago. He had been scratching himself a lot so the vet believed fleas were the problem. He has been on flea medication (one dose per month) since and his hotspot was finally starting to heal. A few days ago, I noticed another hotspot in the area of the old one where the fur started growing back. I don't think fleas are the problem since he isn't scratching himself and is on the meds...
    I am hesitant to take him back to the vet because all that will happen is another shave down of the area with more antibiotics and pain meds. These pills caused him pee and sometimes poop in the house. He would pee during his sleep also... I slapped an e collar on him and cleaned up the area, finishing with some hotspot ointment. He goes absolutely berserk if I touch his tail at all and two people are needed to apply the hotspot medicine.

    What should I do at this point? I am debating calling the vet but may just ride it out. He is currently eating Natures Variety Raw Boost Chicken. He was on pre made raw (chicken) when the first incident happened. Momo is now a year old. He has been on chicken since I brought him home last summer and no issues until April of this year. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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    @leakypipe86 - There are several threads on hot spots and allergies. I suggest reading through those.

    I also suggest taking your poor pup to the vet. He is obviously uncomfortable. Talk to your vet about the side affects of the antibiotics and maybe try a different therapy.

    Since this is a duplicate topic and the correct answer is to take the dog to the vet and discuss options with a trained professional, I am going to close this thread. Feel free to continue the discussion in an existing thread on hot spots and/or allergies.

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