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Early arthritis
  • My five year old Shiba, Ichiro, just got word from the vet that he has early signs of arthritis in his left hind leg! She recommended to start him on cosequin which we did, but I'm wondering if anyone else has any tips or advice to help us adjust and try to slow the process as much as possible. After long walks or hard play his hind leg will hurt him and he will usually limp on it for a while, sometimes almost the whole day. Any and all advice would be amazing!
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
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    Well, my thought would be to not let him play or run too hard. Thats what was suggested for our guy with his knee issues. Water therapy and massage can really help. With the Cosequin... I've noticed my 10yo Shiba is doing so much better now that he is on the Cosequin and I'm not pushing him too hard. Took about two weeks for it to start kicking in and he is doing so well. Super bouncy and full of energy.
  • SayaSaya
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    Most advice I can give keep him at good weight. being overweight can make it hard on dogs with joint issues and old dogs.

    My shiba Saya has spinal issues. I have her on good diet, plus salmon or pollock oil I rotate between the two. one bottle pollock once that is low I get salmon oil.

    I use annamaet endure supplement and also used elk velvet antler supplement in the past. I plan to order some more of it soon.

    This where I get the antler supplement I gotten the powder and the chips Saya likes both.

    I usually get the large dog size of the powder and small dog size of the chips. I forgot how long the large dog size lasted Saya, but portion size of it is 1/4th teaspoon.

    I like the bonus elk's supplement since it's just single ingredient. I mix it in Saya's food with the fish oil and she eats it up. She seems to like the taste of it.

    When I first tried elk velvet supplement I got it from here Saya liked it too.

    I get annamaet endure from since no store sells it by me.

    I never tried cosequin before, but that supplement looks good too.

    Like MoxyFruvous said don't over work the dog exercise is important to keep the dog in good shape. Walk at the dog's own pace. If it's really hot out I usually just do a short walk and then play fetch or with the flirt pole with Saya till she is done with the game.

    I sometimes give things like chicken feet, beef trachea. I've stuffed the trachea before with kibble or ground meat as an edible kong type thing. For kibble I put tiny bit of peanut butter at the ends to keep the kibble in it then freeze both. So dogs enjoy a nice chew and eat it's meal at same time.

    Saya is raw fed so I put either, beef stew meat, ground beef or ground turkey in it and my other dog Bella gets kibble with bit of peanut butter at ends.

    I give either raw or dehydrated trachea. the dehydrated can be found at local pet store sells them or can get it online Raw one I get from local raw food store that does drop offs once a month.

    I'm not sure if supplements really helped her, but she is seven and hasn't really decreased in activity. She is much more active in winter since she loves the cold weather. Summer she prefers short walks. I walk her early am and late evening when it's cooler out. between that I play a bit of fetch, flirt pole or do some training with her.

    Saya likes to track scents too it gets her nose working and she seems to enjoy it. I use quail scent.
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