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Does Thuja drop make the urine yellower
  • MelaniermMelanierm
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    Romy has had a vaccine recently (Lepto) and we are giving her Vaccine Drops which are Thuja based to help her immune system pass on the chemicals of the vaccine. Coincidentaly her urine has also gotten yellower which is considered a sign of dehydration. She doesn't show any other dehydration sign and does drink from her water bowl.
    Have you ever noticed that the thuja based medicine would do that (which would make me worry less)?

  • sunyatasunyata
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    If this is something the vet prescribed, I would speak with them about possible side effects. If it is not something the vet prescribed, I would speak with the vet about it anyway to ensure that it is actually safe to give your puppy and if there may be any drug interactions that you should be aware of.
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