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Hurt Nose - Should I Do Anything?
  • So Pudge is a little monster and tried to get a toy out of her play pen by biting through the cage.
    Her face got stuck in between the wire of the exercise pen and she let out the shiba scream. I ran into the room and maneuvered her out of it.

    (She was "biting" for the toy - so bridge of the nose was through one hole, bottom of the jaw through another. She twisted and tried to pull out on an angle and her nose got stuck.)

    Because she was pulling and fighting, the exercise pen for a few seconds before I freed her, she had an indent from the pen siding and now has a pretty sizeable bump. (Kind of like when you hit your head as a kid and then have a lump?)

    She's totally fine now. I can touch the bump and she has no problem with it.. No flinching, no squirming, no whining.

    Should I do anything for this? Or is it probably just swollen from the ordeal and will go down.
  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    If in doubt, bring to the vet. That's my rule.