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Thank you everyone!!!!
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    I am new to the forum, and lurked for a short time prior to joining. What convinced me to join was the AWESOME advice I got from you guys. We had been feeding Kiyoko Blue Wilderness grain free puppy food and she liked it. Then one day, out of the blue (no pun intended) she wouldn't eat it. Not at all. I thought maybe she was sick or that something else was wrong. Nope, just wouldn't eat it. I came to the forum to try to research about different kibble and I heard about Wellness, Merrick and Honest Kitchen. To be honest (again no pun intended) I had never heard of ANY of these. When you have a puppy -- especially one like this -- you want to do EVERYTHING right. So I got a small bag of the Merrick, a bag of the Wellness Core and I sent away for samples from HK (which I learned I could do from the forum!). Kiyoko LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Wellness -- will eat it without wet food. She tolerates the Merrick but picks out the little tofu (or whatever those are) blocks; she did NOT like HK beef or chicken, but licked the bowl clean of the turkey. So again, I just end wanted to thank everyone for posting here. Not only did I get answers, I got piece of mind!
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