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Adopting a Shiba next week.
  • ArcanineArcanine
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    Hello! I'm back on the fourms to brush up a little bit, as we are finally finance stable to get our pup.
    We were looking at buying from a breeder as we are very close to WI, however an opportunity to adopt a shiba arose, and we chose that route.
    The shiba we adopted, Todd, was left at the shelter by his owner. He was bought from a breeder as a small pup, not socialized very well, and honestly from how insanely good he is at keeping himself occupied, I'm not sure that they had too much time for him.
    He has a HUGE problem with other dogs. He's a perfect angel around just David and I, however when walking him if he spots another dog, he screams, tries to lunge, and will show teeth. We plan on getting him into some behavioral classes if this doesn't stop, however right now we want to try to see if theres anything we can do to make it easier on this poor guy, because this is not his fault and we want to take him to do so many more things, but at this time we cant due to the aggression.
    So I come asking for tips, from anyone who has dealt with this breed for a long time, or had any kind of similar issues. Thank you

    (By the way, Todd is two years old.)

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    @Arcanine - There is an entire category dedicated to reactivity and aggression. I suggest you go through some of the posts in that category to learn about dog-dog reactivity and read some of the well thought out responses from other members.

    You may need to seek out the help of a certified canine veterinary behaviourist for assistance if you have never dealt with a dog reactive dog before.
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