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14 week old Shiba Inu
  • Hey guys,

    So I recently adopted my first Shiba Inu puppy 6 days ago and I'm noticing he is not very social. He does not want to play and he does not want to be out to see everyone. He's very timid and to himself. Is this the because of his breed? Or is there something I should be concerned about? I did my research and it does say that they are cat like and don't often like affection but he is not very active. Please any comments would be helpful!

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    There are probably many topics you could research more on this site. I'll try to search for some in a bit and edit some links that I find. :)

    Every pup is different. I've heard of many shibas being called aloof and people interpreting it as "unfriendly," but my puppy is oddly friendly, loves people and other dogs. He's also really active. But not every pup is the same. I talked with my breeder about the kind of lifestyle in my household, we're pretty active people, so she matched us with an active puppy. It may just be your pup's personality, but I would still bring it up to your vet in case there is a problem. Especially since he's not very active and doesn't want to play. Is he eating normally?? I'd also look into puppy classes. Socialization is very important, and since he's quite shy / fearful now, it would be ideal for him to gain some exposure and learn what to expect from other dog interactions so that fear doesn't turn into aggression as he gets older.

    Edit - here's a couple of other threads that might have some helpful information:

    Edit again - ohh I see you're brand new. So you have to post an introduction thread first, and might not have access to some other threads (like the ones I posted) until you introduce yourself and share your shiba story. Welcome by the way. :)

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    Also, he is probably scared being in a new place with new people, smells, etc. and so needs time to adjust. Hopefully he soon realizes this is his new forever home and he can relax and have fun!

    I signed my pup up for puppy socialization (limited to puppies under 12 weeks who can't have full vaccines yet) as soon as she came home with us. It looks like your puppy is a little bit older so I would recommend getting him out and about with other puppies as soon as possible.
  • thank you guys so much! Very helpful links and comments. We will definitely look into getting him socialized with other puppies and also have him checked by a vet just to be safe and make sure everything is ok. By the way his name is Kohvu and he is crime colored! So adorable I will post a picture
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    Kovu was on my list of potential names for my pup, Ozzy. xD lion king fan over here and sucker for nostalgia lol
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    Haha I also thought of Kovu as a name for my Kurotake, it really suits a B&T and a lion king fan :p Since I am limited with where I can let my boy play since he is only 9wks and not had his vax yet. I just sat on the corner of my block with him in my lap. I gave him treats when ever he was calm but interested in passing cars, people and a woman walking her shitzu. But I think it would be harder if he was showing fearful or shy tendencies. I hope you find the resources you need, this forum has been a god send. For both pre puppy research and post puppy support :)
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    *thumbs up for Kovu as a name* Huge Lion King fan here. hah
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    @Dominique_Newberry - Since this is not an introduction and a frequently discussed topic, I am going to go ahead and close this post.
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