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Shibas and Cons
  • KBBD83KBBD83
    Posts: 249
    I went to an anime con today, and people brought their dogs. I was totally bummed because I didn't know it was allowed or I would have brought mine! Could you imagine?? A Shiba at an anime con?? People would lose their shit. Has anyone ever done it? Did you dress them up?

    I have a male and I think it would be hilarious to dress him up as Shiba Inoku-san. Lol.

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  • BootzBootz
    Posts: 3495
    I've seen it numerous times, and honestly, poor dogs. I believe 90% of the time, the dogs I've seen at crowded gatherings/events were stressed out and overstimulated. Tail down, panting, ears back. Did not like to be pet and backed away from strangers.

  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
    Posts: 385
    We've taken Tang to some cons. His first con he was 15-16 weeks old I think. (too young, I'm sure) We mostly carried him for that one because he was small and I didn't want him on the ground (germs). He went to the same con again last year as a adult and had a really good time. No problems. He got to see all his artist buddies. So yes, you can do it. But if your dog is not used to being around a bunch of people, especially a bunch of people in weird costumes and all the loud sounds, and being touched A LOT by strangers.. don't do it. Mine is used to it because I'm a dealer at conventions and so he is really chill about it. I wouldn't take my older Shiba though. he would hate being around the crowds and noises.

    And yes, I did dress him up. he was a tiny taco the first year.
  • pyleapylea
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    I didn't know dogs were allowed at cons! I'm going to one next month and Pylea does fine in big crowds. Hmmmmmm...
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
    Posts: 385
    @pylea Some cons allow dogs. Usually only service/support animals. But the cons I sell at are usually pretty cool with dogs.

    I kinda want to ask if you're going to ECCC. hehe
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  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    @MoxyFruvous: I am!!! On Sunday! Are you?
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
    Posts: 385
    @pylea, yes! We have the three day pass. We'll be there Fri-Sun.
  • I live in the middle of Midtown Atlanta, so it is very hard to escape DragonCon when it comes. There are also other conventions like Momocon that come through too. But Ham doesn't mind going to the parades or walking through some of the events. He's very people interested so he doesn't get overwhelmed and we leave before he gets overstimulated or stressed.

    But people are always excited to see a shiba at Dragoncon.
  • I never knew you could do that :O There is a ComiCon in Toronto this weekend but not sure if I'll be able to bring Michi since he still gets very excitable around people (ex. jumping).
  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
    Posts: 385
    Always check the website for the convention to see if animals or what kind are allowed. I know ECCC only allows service animals. Most large cons don't allow non-service animals.

    BUT.. check your local cities for pet conventions. Seattle has a few throughout the year and of course fully vaccinated pets are allowed. We took our Corgi to a pet convention last year and she had a blast. Lots of pets, lots of free treats and toys.

    Also, something we've done a few times. Major and minor league baseball teams do a "Bark At The Park" night where you can bring your dog to a baseball game. They usually have a water play are, potty area, bags of treats/goodies for your dog at the game and a vet onsite. We did three last year and it was a ton of fun. After the game, we got to walk our dog around the bases. I'm not really into sports, but I still had fun.
  • Haha wow that is such a cute idea! I had no idea you were allowed to even bring dogs to some cons, most ones I know of only allow service animals. I'll have to check next time it's con season by my area! I'm sure especially at an anime con people would go nuts over a Shiba. It was a great idea to have your Shiba cosplay too, reminds me of those awesome Shiba Overwatch cosplays I've seen (though of course the dog would have to be ok/comfortable with it).
  • kitsunebikitsunebi
    Posts: 10
    Wow I can't believe so many cosplay people have Shiba inu!! This asked me happy!!
    Posts: 412
    I saw a couple of service animals at ECCC, but i don't think pets were allowed. The only time we've taken Ponyo to the Seattle Convention Center, it was for a pet convention and we had to sign a special waiver.

    We've been taking Ponyo to conventions, fairs, and motorcycle events since she was a puppy, so she's mainly used to it. She likes to keep moving though, if we stand in one spot she gets annoyed.

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