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Shiba knows toys by name?
  • We've noticed that our 6.5mo Shiba boy knows his toys by name. We can tell him "Get a toy" and he will run off in search of a toy that he wants, and he will bring it over. Other times, we'd tell him "get (insert name of one of his toys)" and he will find that specific toy for us, even if we hid it, he will sniff & scour for it.

    Does anyone else's Shiba do this? We tried searching the forum, but couldn't really find anything.

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  • MoxyFruvousMoxyFruvous
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    Our youngest knows several of his toys by name "Piggy" "Cow" "Spider (a favorite)" "snake" and a few others. Our older Shiba knows piggy, bear and cow.
  • BasBas
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    When I got my Shiba at age 6, he had a bag full of toys.
    I think he knows his favorites all by name:

    Rope (with knot in it), Bear, the octopus-shaped toy we call 'Otto', Duck, Chicken, Critter (=small bear), Horsie (=2 inch horse), Ball (tennis-sized), BigBall (soccer-ball)

    My daughter in law once had a dog (not a Shiba, some sheepherdertype) that would do 'find the chicken' games. He would be led to the hallway, sit, wait, we would take the chicken and hide it, then let him out and say: 'where is chicken? seek chicken!' and he would find it. To make it more difficult we hide the chicken totally out of sight, and walked to every corner of the room, so he could not cheat (by listening where we went to, or tracking our sent). On some places we tapped the chicken against the walls and furniture, to create sent-trails, very easy at first, but very complex later on, bumping from side to side all across the various rooms in the house. Some times we did not lay trails. He would then sniff the whole house till he found chicken. He would track chicken down. All the time. In no time.

    We tried the same game with my Shiba. He did get the general idea, but prefers 'fetch' and 'pull' type games.