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Strange behavior on walks, change in gait, pooping inside
  • HazelHazel
    Posts: 28
    I've noticed some behavioral changes in Hazel and I'm wondering if it's due to a health issue. ****It's possible that each of the things I've noticed points to something different- that they're not all related.**** But I feel they are and that's what worries me.

    Note: Hazel was diagnosed with LP in one leg in June 2015, but at the time the vet said it was nonsurgical. She is probably from a puppy mill originally.

    I am going to the vet tomorrow to discuss the issues I've noticed below:

    - for about 3 weeks, Hazel has been reluctant to walk at times. This is a new behavior. She will suddenly stop and insist we reverse direction. She doesn't necessarily want to go home, just to change direction. Initially I thought it was because she disliked the slush and mud outside, but it has all since dried up.

    - for about 3 weeks, she walks at a slower pace and for shorter periods and REFUSES to poop outside most times, even though she clearly has to go and I take her to all her favorite places. She will come home from the walk, whine, scratch the walls, and then find a corner to defecate in. Once I caught her eating the poop when I went down to get paper towels and cleaning spray and came back. At first I thought maybe she was catching the scent of a puma that was sighted in my neighborhood about a month ago, but no one has seen the cat since.

    - poop consistency and appearance seems healthy, regular, and normal in color. no straining. no vomiting.

    - over the weekend I noticed a change in her gait. Like many of the LP videos I've seen on the forum, she seemed to pick up one leg slightly and hop. Also, she seemed to favor rotating out of her hips rather than her knees.

    I guess most of these behaviors are due to LP - which is why I'm taking her to the vet soon - but do you think all of them are? Has anyone experienced something similar?

    Looking for any anecdotal experience or advice! Thank you.
  • HazelHazel
    Posts: 28
    Update: I have a vet appointment this evening itself. I will keep you guys posted. I'm so worried she will need the surgery :(
  • pyleapylea
    Posts: 235
    Sending positive vibes to lil Hazel.
  • LilikoiLilikoi
    Posts: 1272
    Hope everything goes okay! :(
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8589
  • HazelHazel
    Posts: 28
    Thanks for the concern and well-wishes, everyone. We went to the vet and she said that her LP is now stage 2. She said I could elect to do the surgery, but I could try some supplements and medication. Specifically she put Hazel on canine equivalents for glucosamine and ibuprofen. She also said that her pooping and turning around during walks is *probably* behavioral. So I've gone back to basics with crate training and rewarding her when she poops outside with treats. Vet told me to follow up in case the behavior doesn't change. She also said that with pain medicine Hazel could stand to lose 1-2 pounds with longer walks. She is not overweight, but the vet said it would put less strain on her knee. Hazel does seem to be walking better after taking some doggie ibuprofen.

    Good news is that the other knee seems ok!

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