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Shiba vomiting soon after eating
  • PeppaPeppa
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    Forgive me if this has been answered before, but i'm just getting very worried.

    Peppa has been sick soon (1-2hrs) after eating/drinking water since yesterday morning. She was perfectly fine up until before I left for work in the morning. I gave her dehydrated lamb heart for the very first time and she loved it. Didn't think much until i got home and was told that she's been sick in the morning. This is the only new thing that she ate as far as I'm aware of. later on in the evening, she threw up some orange bile after drinking, but at this point, her tummy was empty. My father in law gave her some food about 5 hrs later cos she was hungry. she finished it all but this morning, when i came to see her, she threw up sometimes in the early hour of the morning. She found a couple of dog food pellets and had some water at about 6 am this morning. We went for a walk, she was playing with me, she was her normal self before i left for work. I rang home at 10 and was told she threw up again at 8am.

    We have a vet appointment this afternoon but obviously i'm a nervous wreck and just anxious and worried about her. I know we should have put her on a fast for 24 hrs, but im getting worried at the fact that she threw up after drinking some water with an empty stomach. Could it be the lamb heart? may be it was too rich?

    It's not going to be a nice vet visit cos she absolutely detests the vet. I'm going to have to ask them to examine her in the reception area, she should allow them to pet/touch her tummy. my husband is saying that i'm not allowed to be in the room so she doesn't feel how nervous i am.

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  • is it possible that she is eating her food too fast? I would try feeding her small portions and waiting a bit before feeding her a little bit more. Eating too fast will can cause your puppy to throw up.

    It's also pretty common for puppies to throw up bile when they are hungry/have an empty stomach. And even if they eat too fast after that, they'll throw up.

    Some other ways to slow down how fast your dog eats can be through using a food toy to feed, or by hand-feeding in exchange for your dog doing tricks.

    Definitely go see the vet through.
  • PeppaPeppa
    Posts: 32
    I should have mentioned Peppa is 2.5 years old. i did think that she might have gobbled up food too fast so i handfed her one biscuit at a time - only about 15-20 small dog food pellets. she held them in for 2 hrs.
    Another thing to add is when we went to the park at the weekend, one of her friend had been vomiting since the day before. i don't know if it was lamb heart, sth viral or sth else.
    we're seeing the vet this afternoon.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Peppa - It could be many things from something as simple as an irritated stomach to something as life threatening as a blockage. I definitely think a trip the vet is the best idea. Hopefully she feels better soon!
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  • PeppaPeppa
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    Thanks guys. We took Peppa to the vet yesterday and the vet was very kind to accommodate Peppa and examined her in the reception area. She always freaks out in the consultation room. Peppa was on edge but she was comfortable enough to let the vet examine her. There wasn't any discomfort in her tummy when the vet checked the area. she was very alert and keen on food. the vet said she most likely ate sth funny and has an irritated tum. Peppa was prescribed with zitac, an antacid - half pill every 8 hrs and royal canin prescription food - 3 times a day. she had half the pill at the vet with some treats but threw up about 3 hours later. Drank water but didn't vomit. Had the 2nd half of the pill again with dinner and when i checked this morning all was good, no vomit.
    She went for a walk this morning, had the next half pill, had her royal canin for bfast but threw up 1.5 hrs later. I'm so stressed right now. Poor thing. she's very keen on food but just can't keep it down. I've contacted the vet and as soon as she's in she'll call me back.
    I don't know if the pill has had time to go into her system yet. the thing is she's keen on food, very much her normal self just extra hungry given she hasn't been able to keep much food down.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Peppa - I would suggest having the vet do an x-ray or ultrasound of her stomach. Is she pottying on a normal schedule? How are her bowel movements?
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    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
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  • SayaSaya
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    I hope she gets better soon.
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  • JuniJuni
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    Try feeding her less at the time too, do a table spoon or so, wait half an hour to an hour and then one more until you know that she can keep it down.
  • Peppa, my puppy Yuki has experienced something similar to what you have described since she was little (She is now 2.5 just like Peppa). Even though this is a 1st for Peppa, she may be suffering from the same issue Yuki has since you have ruled out her food and environment.

    Yuki has always been particular about her food and to top that off, if she didn't eat exactly when she was hungry then she would get sick and further refuse to eat (b/c her stomach was upset...). Every-time this happened it would last a couple days as it took some time to get her stomach back on track. The 1st year was rough but we have found a system that works very well for us now.

    The Important Part: How to get her out of the cycle
    1) Simplify her diet
    If we cannot correct with regular meals of her dry food nor with full wet food meals (we normally feed a small portion wet in the evenings), we transition to a chicken and rice diet for about 2+ days. Literally, I pick up chicken breast from the store, boil it, and serve it with some plain white rice. Its good food and it is very good for settling her upset stomach.
    2) Small Portions
    It we start feeding her chicken and rice, we will feed her 1 meal portion over a longer period of time. So cook her morning meal and then give her 1 bite of chicken every couple of minutes until its gone. Chicken is very appealing so make sure you do NOT overfeed even if she is acting like she is still hungry. Continue doing this and if she holds everything down then you can increase how much you give her at a time in future meals.
    3) Heartburn Medication (Zantac/Ranitidine)
    Our vet recommended the over the counter Zantac (generic: Ranitidine) in the 75mg size as it was possible that Yuki suffered from heart burn which is a common occurrence in dogs. If you think about it, their esophagus is practically horizontal. We can give it to her up to twice a day (12 hrs apart). We don't do this normally as we try not to medicate our puppy but if she starts feeling ill or is about to go into a situation that makes her very anxious, we use it.
    4) Kaopectate/Pepto Bismol
    Lastly, as the ranitidine can take time to start working, if we catch her getting sick pretty quickly we now will give her a small (

    Going Forward
    As this is new problem for you rather than a reoccuring, Im sure that your existing feed schedule is acceptable for Peppa to return to. However, her is what we do just in case your interested.
    As Yuki has never been food motivated and will literally stop when shes full, we operate on a 3 bowl system. We leave 2 bowls out 24/7 which are her water bowl and a bowl of dry dog food. The 3rd bowl is the bowl that we use for wet food that we use to treat her at dinner time. We have varied in the frequency that we actually give her wet food but lately we do a small portion (~1/5 to 3/4 of dinner) nightly. The benefit to this system is that if we are ever late getting home, she already has her dry food to fall back on.
  • PeppaPeppa
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    Thanks so much everyone, thank you TareYukiko for taking time to give me all the details. I've made note of these for future reference.
    I'd like to report that Peppa is much better now. she went on a 12 hrs fast followed her last vomit, after 10hrs she got half the zintac pill and 2 hrs after pills (end of 12 hrs fast) she got one teaspoon of the royal canin vet food, split into 10 smaller bites. after 4 hrs she got 2 teaspoon for dinner and went to sleep. Next morning (12 hrs after previous pill) she got the next half pill and 2 hrs after her breakfast. I repeated this for 2 days before introducing some of her normal kibbles. During this whole process, her #2 were normal, she was active and pretty much her normal self.
    She's currently on half kibbles half vet food and everything seems to be better.
    I am very cautious of what's she eating now. Prior to all of this, i was going to put her on a diet. She's gotten a bit round, when you look down onto her back, it's more of a rectangle shape, no curves. I suspect she's been munching on treats while we went to visit friends over the past few weeks, so i was going to limit her treats intake. she likes to follow people in the park for treats and often given pedigree gravy bones - i think that's a no no from now on. after this past week, she's lost a bit of weight, i've been taking her out more so she seems a lot happier.
    i have been dehyrdating meats for treats for the last 2 weeks but i'll stick to chicken and beef from now on and stay clear from offals. the lamb heart slice started this whole mess. i'm def more careful on what she's eating.
    Thanks very much for all your advice. I really appreciate your help.

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