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Blue Buffalo making anyone else's dogs sick lately?
  • Just wondering if anyone's experienced any issues with Blue Buffalo's food as of late?

    I've had Tali on Wellness for most of the time I've had her (she's 3 now) and on Fish because we thought she might've been allergic to chicken as a pup when she's sneeze/scratch a bit. She's been fine on Wellness Core Fish (grain free) but in recent months I've been trying new flavors for her because she seemed to get tired of eating the same thing.

    I've tried putting her on Blue Buffalo - all grain free. First was to fish - she seemed fine on that. Then tried duck. Had her on that for a while but then she had a flea issue and we saw after a month or so, she had hot spots and missing hair. So we got the fleas taken care of and put her on fish till she healed up. Then tried the duck again to see if her scratching was from the fleas only or the food as well. Turns out she was getting itchy again so no duck.

    Tried beef. Beef seems okay so far.

    Decided to try lamb. Now she's seemed to have lost her appetite with it and within the past week, has thrown up twice, and is now having the runs. At first I was thinking of it like "What protein could she be allergic to that's giving her issues" but now I have to wonder - maybe it's not the "protein" but Blue Buffalo itself that's the problem.

    She definitely had less issues on Wellness. Unfortunately for her though, Wellness didn't have much grain free variety. I've spent a lot of money on BB food lately - not sure what to make of her lately. Her symptoms aren't consistent enough as in she hasn't thrown up in a row. Just like twice with a day in between and the runs is a new thing. Her energy is fine. She still has an appetite although inconsistent since the lamb. We put her back on BB fish and she hasn't had the lamb or other flavors in at least 2 days.

    Thoughts? I hear BB has been "cutting corners" or something lately and people are complaining that their food isn't as good as we think?
  • I'm not a fan of Blue Buffalo myself since it's given all my dogs problems before. I'd highly recommend Orijen/Acana if your budget allows.
  • SayaSaya
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    I never fed BB before, but definetly won't with what I heard on them with lying about not having by products when the kibble does have it.. I feed raw and don't mind giving my dogs liver, kidneys, hearts, tripe and all that, but would like the kibble to have listed what organs and stuff is in it not just by product as it can be anything..

    I agree try either acana, fromm, or farmina.. Bella is doing good on acana pacifica she is 56lb boxer and yeah the food is pricey, but does not seem to feed as much compared to some brands.

    Bella gets a cup in am and 3/4cup in pm plus some fresh food.
    Her last brand she got three cups of kibble. So far with the acana she hasn't lost any weight and seems happy with it coarse she likes any brand.
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  • @nikkitine @saya Whoa those brands are super expensive! I'll do some research and see if I can afford them on certain sites. Maybe I should put her back on Wellness. Her annual vet visit is coming soon so I'm hoping to rule out other health issues as well before I assume it's just the food. Will keep everyone posted. So far though, Tali hasn't been too thrilled about eating the BB food the last few days - lamb or fish. I put some shredded cheese on her dinner and she gobbled it up. She hasn't had the runs or thrown up since a few days ago. So now I'm trying to determine if she's just being picky or something is really upsetting her stomach. We'll see. *fingers crossed*
  • pyleapylea
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    Have you tried Taste of the Wild? Pylea eats 1.5 cups of the Pacific Stream formula each day and is very healthy. It's also super affordable.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @kagurarap - I also feed Taste of the Wild (although, the Sierra Mountain formula at the moment). While there have been issues in the past with the brand (they are owned by Diamond Pet Foods), it is a relatively inexpensive grain free food that works well for both of my Shibas.

    Acana, Fromm, Farmina, etc. are also great foods, but because ToTW works so well and is a good price, I go with that since I do have to budget what I spend on my dogs due to their health issues.
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