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Adding a second Shiba... A little more individual advice!
  • Hey everyone!

    I wanted to post here because my fiancé and I have been thinking of adding a second Shiba Inu to our family. We currently have three cats (2 three year olds and 1 two year old) and one Shiba Inu. She is 4 months and has been amazing. She was potty trained almost instantaneously. We have not really had issues with chewing except for if we forget to give her a new bully stick when she eats all of hers. We feel as though we have gotten very lucky. She plays very well with other puppies, small dogs, and large dogs. Just pretty much anyone. Our cats and her also get along amazingly.
    So, on to my question, we are wondering about the negatives of adding a second Shiba to our family. The breeder that we got Asami from is going to retire a Black and Tan female and that is what we would want. Asami is currently 4 months old and we were trying to figure out if we should choose to get a puppy or add a retired female to our family. we are looking for some advice.

    Thanks everyone for your help!
  • @aeb5468

    While the temptation of adding a second puppy is really strong (I know, I've gone through it multiple times), I would really have to recommend waiting until she is at least 2 years old before you consider adding a second dog. Shiba personalities can change drastically from when they are puppies to when they are mature. They are known to become more dog intolerant and selective as they grow older and you will not know exactly what her personality is until she is an adult. Take my girl for example, she played with and loved every dog/person when she was growing up. But she's matured now to only play with dogs she's familiar with and doesn't tolerate puppies and other dogs. She will snap. That is her personality and it isn't because she lacked socialization when she was growing up (she has had a LOT of it), it's just what she chooses and like people, I cannot force her to like what she doesn't like.

    Your puppy is still very very young and your main focus should be on heavy socialization and training for her at her most critical learning stages. Adding a second dog will only then split your time and attention between the two when she needs all of it the most. You also have to consider the other animals in the house, you currently have 4. You will undoubtedly be adding more stress and changing the dynamic of the household even more by adding another animal to the mix too early. Also, take into consideration that female/female Shiba households hold a bigger risk of fights breaking out than male/female pairs.

    While the decision is ultimately up to you, we can't stop you from making the choice you want. But you should definitely take more time to research and think about what is best for your puppy, your cats, and your family. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by giving yourself more time to see how your girl's personality will turn out when she's fully mature.

    But if you really are set on adding a second Shiba now, I'd go with the retired female given that she does well with cats. Her temperament and personality is stable and you have better idea of what to expect compared to a puppy.

    Best of luck.
  • BootzBootz
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    ^ what she said.

    And to add on... You haven't experience the "terrible twos" with your Shiba yet.
  • koyukikoyuki
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    Shiba puppies are bliss and everyone thinks theirs is an exception to what they have read about typical Shiba behaviour.... Let me tell you , they're not the exception!! At around 7 months until around 2 years they are a very difficult dog to live with ... They become even more defiant and will push the boundaries , most importantly they become intolerant of other dogs...I highly recommend waiting until your first Shiba is at least 2 years old until adding another one
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  • Thank you everyone for your advice! @nikkitine @bootz and @koyuki Our plan is to add a second dog in the fall of 2017. At that point, Asami will be 2 years. I am sorry. I should have clarified that we didn't want to add a puppy until then. However, adding the retired female would be when Asami is 1 year old. So, it would be a large wait difference dependent on if we chose the retired female which would be in about 6-8 months or if we choose to add a puppy, then it would be about 1.5 years. We have heard a lot of people say to get a male as the second and we would definitely want to wait for the right puppy with the right temperament, but the retired female is definitely people friendly, animal friendly, and just overall an amazing dog with amazing coloring. So, it is mainly do we wait until our girl is 2 years to add a puppy or do we wait until she is 1 year old and add an older female into the mix.

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  • Even though Asami would be a bit older (1 year) I would still wait it out. I've had Ham since he was 8 weeks old and now he's almost a year and a half. Even though he's much more mature, I still have to work with him a lot and give him a lot of my attention in the adolescent stage to make sure I'm reinforcing the rules. It's not that he's naughty or misbehaved, he just needs more positive reinforcement and attention to the point I definitely couldn't add another dog (not even an older one).

    You know your dog best, but I would say waiting a bit longer is the best option if your shiba is anything like my shiba.
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    I agree that you should wait till Asami is older to get another shiba. In addition to what other members have already said, I looked at your intro post and found out (by googling) that you got Asami from a breeder who does not health test her shibas. As such, I don't think it would be a good idea to get another dog from her. I hope your pup and her dogs are all healthy, but it's really hard to know when the breeder doesn't do the requisite health testing.
  • @aeb5468 - It's still too early to answer that question because Asami is still so young and developing. Focus on getting her out there meeting other dogs (not just Shibas) as much as possible and making sure everything stays positive. Ask the breeder if you can bring Asami over for 1:1 play dates with the retired female. The more exposure she gets, the better. You've also mentioned on the NK forums about adding a Shikoku later so I would definitely do more research on that since you now know that the pair doesn't have the best compatibility with each other.

    Edit: Breeder is a byb and should be avoided. Please do not support them by getting another dog from them.
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  • @pylea - Could you add the information on the breeder in the breeder discussion thread please so others know what to look for?
  • pyleapylea
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    @Nikkitine: good idea, just did!

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