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11 months, no heat cycle
  • I've put a considerable amount of effort into looking for answers, but unfortunately I have not found any.

    My woe is that my Husky Inu is going to be 11 months old in a few days, and has yet to start her cycle. Given the current trends, the average first cycle seems to be around 6-7 months. How concerned should I be with a 4-5 month deviation? If there's no need for concern now, at what age should there be?

    P.S - Unfortunately, the vet that I plan on taking her to require that dogs go through at least one heat cycle before performing surgery to have her spayed.
  • pyleapylea
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    I just spoke to my vet about this yesterday, who also recommends spaying after one heat cycle. She said some dogs don't have their first heat cycle until 1.5 years, so it's hard to know when it'll happen, but that the mom's first heat cycle may be an indication. So I wouldn't worry yet if I were you, and I would ask your breeder if you're still in contact with him/her.
  • Wonderful advice. Thank you @pylea for the insight. I am in contact with her, so we'll see if she's able to offer any additional information.
  • JuniJuni
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    A lot of primitive breeds are late bloomers with their heat and I know it is not unusual for Shibas to be around one year for the first one and only have one heat a year or one every nine months.
  • It's strange because if I remember correctly, my family's Akita went into heat fairly early.

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