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Good news from the Veterinarian - Gidget is Healthy and Could Live to be 20!
  • btksbtks
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    I haven't been on this forum since 2012, but I thought I'd come back and share some exciting news I received from the veternarian yesterday! My little girl, Gidget, who is today 16 years, 5 months and 10 days old, is very healthy according to the veterinarian. He says that he is amazed out how well she is doing and is one of the healthiest dogs he has seen at her age. We did have a scare back in 2012 - where Gidget suddenly changed one day and was acting very strange - which the emergency vet determined then was either a stroke or a brain tumor. However, she has not had any other episodes since that day.

    The veternarian informed us yesterday that Gidget has trouble seeing due to huge cataracts in her eyes, but that is the only problem she has. Surgery could correct that. However, she is too old to be put under. She has a little anxiety (nothing new, though, she's been very anxious all of her life). Due to the anxiety, she sometimes whines/whimpers. That was alarming to us, because we thought that she was in pain. Fortunately, Gidget's joints are very strong and healthy, and she is not in any pain! She does sleep a lot nowadays, but she will occasionally spend hours outside roaming the backyard. Gidget is quite afraid of stairs now and will not go up or down them. This is likely because she can't see very well. It is also possible that she may have missed a few steps coming down, but we aren't sure. Nonetheless, Gidget knows what she can and cannot handle, and stairs are not one of them.

    She is still able to hold her bladder well; we can be gone all day (12 hours) and come home to no accidents. Typically, she is (forced) to go outside every 3-4 hours. If she had it her way, she'd probably only go outside once or twice a day! What I do find interesting is that she barks (more like yelps) to let us know when she needs to go outside. She didn't use to do this. She will also bark at her food bowl when it is empty. Maybe it has something to do with age. With age, she has gotten a little cranky. Sometimes, when you walk by her, she will jump up and nip at your knees. No idea why she does this.

    Overall, Gidget is doing very well for her age and the veternarian believes that she may live to see 20! We have always taken great care of Gidget, ensured that she sees the veternarian each year, maintained her vaccinations, treated the yard for fleas/ticks, protected her with frontline, healthy foods (no junk food). Gidget weighs 13.8 lbs today. When she was younger, she weighed 16-17 lbs. Over the past 4-5 years, she has stayed around 13-15 lbs.

    Here are some pictures of my baby in the snowstorm we received a week ago!


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  • JuniJuni
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    Wow! That is a wonderful looking senior!
  • SayaSaya
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    She looks pretty good. I've seen some elder shiba and they looked great for their age. Hope she continues to do well.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • btksbtks
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    Yes! I hope so. I feel bad about her eyesight, and without light, she really can't see anything. We would get her cataracts corrected with surgery, but she had a bad experience the last time she was put under (to brush her teeth, about two years ago), and we don't feel comfortable putting her under again given her age. Here's a better quality picture of her that I took recently.

    Gidget is a retired champion who I purchased from Debbie Meador of Tanasea Shibas. What I find incredible is that she still prances around the backyard, as well as when you walk her. It's very cute :)

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  • Gidget is a very pretty lady and I am so happy she is doing so well! Kudos to you and Gidget!
  • Gidget is adorable- congratulations on helping her keep healthy! My Kimba is coming up on 13 and is also very healthy- just a young guy still. I hope you have many healthy years yet with your girl.

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